18 March 2022

Five Things for Friday - 3/18/22

  1. If I time things between my last Five Things post and now, what a week! Last Friday night was taking Jack and Maggie to jump at the local gymnastics park. They have a 'Friday Night FlipOut' where the kids can jump and have pizza and gatorade for dinner for $20. Jack especially has been  really loving it, and he starts gymnastics classes next week!
  2. On Saturday, the fam and I headed to Ford Field in Detroit where we had tickets for Supercross motorcycle racing. I was reviewing it for the blog - check it out! Events are always fun, I think. 
  3. On Sunday, we headed in the opposite direction to the beautiful Temple Theatre in Saginaw to see Dog Man: The Musical. Jack and I have been waiting since March 2020 to see this one. We were originally going to see it in Ann Arbor until the world shut down. If your kids are a little bit older, they may not know Dog Man, but the series is by the same author as Captain Underpants. Kids books nowadays, amiright??
  4. And then Monday - Friday returned. Work, wordle, read, and sleep. Maybe even eat a little in between. My daughter's high school has had lots of events put on by their leadership committee this week while they raise funds for US soldiers overseas (I think?). She and I attended an amusing talent show on Wednesday night, and then last night they had a hypnotist do a show (that I think they have every year). Both events were pretty amusing. 
  5. What, me? Read? Hahahaha... This week reviews have been posted for Finding Grace (4 out of 5 stars, with a GIVEAWAY that ends 3/23/22) by Gary Lee Miller, Accidental Magic (4 out of 5 stars) by Iris Beaglehole, Mall Out of Luck (3 out of 5 stars) by Sarah Robinson, and Wish Me Home (3 out of 5 stars) by Kay Bratt. 


Liz Parker said...

$20 seems like a good deal for all that! On a side note, Wordle has ruined my sleep schedule, haha ... because by the time I do that and all its various siblings (Octordle, Dordle, etc.), it's like 12:30-1am.

acoleman129 said...

Oh my gosh my son LOVES Dog Man! I had no idea they made a musical. I would take him in a heartbeat!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a pretty good week with two events and the gymnastics park. Most days I do Wordle. When people post on FB it reminds me.