17 June 2016

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. If only all the posts I composed in my head while I showered could actually show up here....
  2. So glad the weather is finally warm. Mostly. Except when it inexplicably drops to 60 degrees and I start dressing like there's a blizzard afoot.
  3. You know you're busy when you don't have time to open your planner for a few days...How can I get anything done if I don't even see what I'm supposed to be doing??
  4. I'm trying to enjoy re-reading The Scarlet Letter, but it's hard when I know that Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs is waiting for me.. See, I finally reached the top of the waiting list to read Library of Souls on my Kindle back in February. But I accidentally logged onto my mom's computer, and checked it out to HER through her Amazon. So now my wait has finally ended again, but I don't want to not finish The Scarlet Letter. Ugh!!
  5. I think I may be ready for real glasses soon. My readers just aren't comfortable for how often I wear them. And I keep almost crashing into things when I forget I'm wearing them and start trying to move around the house.
  6. So glad today was the last day of school! My kids do not seem motivated to go to bed, even though it's already a half hour past their regular bedtime. And I don't care (much)! LOL
  7. The worst part of the last week of school? Lots of half-movies. Yesterday they watched the first half of Zootopia in art class. No problem - it was our DVD and we've watched it hundreds of times. Today? They watched the first half of Sky High in music class. But now my daughter NEEDS to know how it ends! Hahaha...
  8. I am so ready for summer break! And I don't even go to school! LOL
  9. I took a couple days away from the computer (more or less) this week. Of course I have to check in periodically to keep on top of my jobs, but I mostly just shut the lid and worked on some of the most adorable cards! I still have some stamping and assembly to do, but I'm very happy with the sense of accomplishment I got by finishing this far. Next week I'll take some time to wrap them up. And take pictures!
  10. I really, really like Bottle Caps candy. The texture is just right, and the root beer ones are the very best. The orange ones (that taste curiously like old baby aspirin) are also pretty darn good. What's your favorite candy?

13 June 2016

Losing My Voice

I think I've lost my voice.

I try to think of what I want to write about, and nothing feels safe. There's so much evil, and everyone seems to want to talk about the hate, and the ugliness, and whose fault it is, and why anyone who doesn't agree with them is wrong and terrible.

It drains me. The evil just makes me sad, not argumentative.

I quit watching the news literally decades ago. It was too much for me to see all the bad in the world, and that is what the news usually specialized in. So I stopped.

Now all the news invades my timeline and drains me after just an hour of being involved in the world. I have nowhere left to hide. I feel like I've shut down to stop it all from getting in.

I don't want to watch people argue, and name-call, and finger-point. Even more frightening - I don't want someone to think I'm arguing, or name-calling, or finger-pointing.

It's happened to me already. What I thought was a totally benign statement has cost me half my family. I can't afford to do any more damage.

No one can hear me anymore, because my words are not important enough for the potential for conflict and loss. I just can't anymore.

I'm afraid to write about anything, at risk of hurting my friends and family. I'm shutting down.

31 May 2016

Reading Challenge - Book 6

First of all, did I just go almost two months without finishing a book? Yikes!! I have actually been reading this most of the time, but my focus has been pretty split with work and life.

I read The Lake, The River, & The Other Lake by Steve Amick as a book to fit the fifth category on the challenge list - a book set in your home state.

Despite my rather pitiful pace, I really did enjoy this book when I had some time to pick it up and read it. I actually finished most of the second half over the course of the holiday weekend, and this morning.

The characters were very engaging in the little fictional town of Weneshkeen, Michigan. It was easy to picture the setting as any little tourist town on the west coast of Michigan. The book covered one summer, complete with the ongoing drama of the year-round residents, and the added complications of the fudgies, just in town for the summer.

While it didn't strike me while I was reading, one enraged reviewer on Amazon pointed out that part of the book is a rather explicit description of one character's descent into pedophilia. I only mention it to say that I'd definitely consider this book for a more mature audience.

The set up may have been a little slow, or I may have had an exceptionally busy spring. But once I was getting to know everyone in the book, I wanted to keep reading and see whose story the next chapter was about. I could imagine them all as real people, in exactly the roles they were cast.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and wouldn't mind reading more about these particular people.

24 May 2016

Papercrafting/Cardmaking Fun!

I'm so excited! A friend and I got together over the weekend and made the most adorable cards from Close to My Heart's Happy Times paper and accessories. Since I'm a rep with Close to My Heart, I hooked her up with everything she needed to make the same dozen cards I was making.

I think making cards is my very favorite, because it doesn't feel like as much of a 'commitment' as a scrapbook or scrapbook pages, and everyone sends or uses cards sometime, right?

Here's a picture of the cards we made:

If  you're interested in making these cards, or the scrapbook pages highlighted in the video, please let me know ASAP and I can get you a supply list of what to order, and then the instructions for either project. Everything is available on my Close to My Heart site at http://becki.ctmh.com. But remember, the paper pack is only free with a $60 order in May, so you want to order right away!

If you're into papercrafting, what's your favorite thing to do? If not, is it something you've done in the past, or something that looks like you may enjoy it now or in the future?

I'm surprised at how relaxing it is for me to follow the step-by-step directions to make such easy yet impressive projects :)

17 May 2016

Spring WILL Come!!

Last week was CRAZY! But one of the bright spots for me was pulling in the driveway to see a Prove Winners Direct box on my porch - my new plant had arrived!

When they said it was coming, I wasn't sure exactly how something like a plant arrives safely in Michigan in early May, but it made it in excellent condition. The box had dividers like it could possibly hold four plants of this size. Thanks to the Proven Winners Direct packaging and an attentive UPS delivery driver, my precious plant in the box was upright and very little soil was displaced from the actual container where it belonged.

The plant I got is a Vista Bubblegum Supertunia and was ordered/labeled as being 4.25". It's so bright and cheerful! Hubby got me a small pot when he went out that evening, and planted it safely in its new home. Well, its new pot. It's new home will be my fabulous table on the porch, but after driving through snow squalls on Monday, I think it's safer to keep it inside by my kitchen sink til at least Memorial Day. Darn Michigan weather!

I was also surprised to remember I rather like the smell of dirt/fresh potting soil. I'm excited for my DIY hanging basket coming soon from Proven Winners! I believe I'll also be having a giveaway for a DIY hanging basket for a special reader - be sure and comment here if you'd be interested (official giveaway to follow).

I received this lovely plant in exchange for my unbiased review.

06 May 2016

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Have you ever checked out Perfectly Posh? How about from the comfort of your home through a Facebook party? I've got one going on now (click here to see more), or you can always book your own to get free stuff too!
  2. I'm so excited that the weather is 70 degrees and clear today! But then sort of bummed that there's a 50% chance for thunderstorms tomorrow...while my daughter is at camp for the day :( I really, really, really home they have a nice dry-ish day!
  3. Only five weeks or so of school left - yay!! I'm that weird mom who really enjoys having her kids home with her :)
  4. We're getting our new dining room set today!! I can't wait - it's a set I've wanted literally for YEARS. 
  5. Isn't it funny how having something else you need to do makes you WANT to do the things you should have done before? LOL Now that I'm scoring tests and trying to get in as many hours as possible before the project is finished, I almost feel motivated enough to put away Maggie's trophies, and clean my office, and start on garage sale stuff, and, and, and...
  6. We've got yet another appointment for someone to come give us an estimate on deck/doorwall construction issues. This will be the third appointment, but this one is with a different company...hoping this one actually shows up!
  7. Debating on wearing shorts today, but I'm not really doing anything anyway. Might save them for a day when I spend some time with people (besides Jack). :D
  8. So... I packed up a bag with crafting supplies last night to work on making some cards, but then got busy visiting instead. Now the bag is looking at me and making me feel guilty. Yes, I've been putting off making cards for a while too, but now I should REALLY be scoring tests!!
  9. Next weekend is my favorite girls' weekend with my bestie. Can.Not.Wait!!!! 
  10. Right now I'm struggling for the best random thing for #10. In a few minutes, in the shower, I will have a MILLION brilliant ideas! LOL

03 May 2016

Cake (2014) - Movie Review

I don't remember exactly which list I first saw this movie on, but I knew I wanted to find it, and watch it. It was on Netflix, so luckily I didn't have much trouble.

Cake, with Jennifer Aniston and Anna Kendrick, was definitely a thinking sort of movie. It was about a woman who we figure out was in an accident, leaving her scarred and in pretty much constant pain. As the movie goes on we're left wondering perhaps how much of her pain is physical vs emotional. But the drugs numb it all for her.

Jennifer Aniston is incredibly real in the role of Claire. There's not much time for looking like a fashion plate or dressing up for fancy nights out - she's just barely holding it together with the most help (or enabling?) from her housekeeper, Silvana. Claire finds another focus besides her pain when Nina (Anna Kendrick), another member of her chronic pain support group, commits suicide. As Claire delves into the life the other woman left behind, she is haunted by Nina's ghost, taunting her for spending more time and energy on Nina's life than she does on her own.

There's definitely some dark humor, and I was left thinking about parts of the movie for days afterward. I absolutely love Anna Kendrick, and her role as a snarky ghost was really perfect. As long as suicide or chronic pain aren't emotional triggers for you, I'd recommend this movie.