16 April 2015

Reading Challenge - Book Seven

The seventh book I read this year satisfies the requirements of book number eight on the PopSugar Reading Challenge. It was a funny book.

Lamb, by Christopher Moore, is also subtitled, 'The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal.' It was pretty amusing. Biff (aka Levi) talks about Josh's (yes, the informal version of Yeshua's name) formative years. The pair were besties with Maggie (yup, Mary of Magdala) right until the went to the east to learn from the three wise men.

It was an amusing read, and I especially enjoyed the modern-day twist at the end, as well as the author's after-words. I laughed out loud several times and read passages to my husband.

I do find it a bit sad that I have an old composition book that listed the books I read back when I was single. There were usually anywhere from four to ten books every week. Now? I've made it through seven so far in three-and-a-half months.

Thankful Thursday

I'm having a hard time with this today. There is so much bad news lately, or maybe I've gone back to just reading too much news again.

I'm thankful for the regular, incredible stuff: my family, the security of my home, my independence of having a reliable truck... but life still feels unfair. Unfair in my favor, but still making me sad. It can all be taken away so quickly and unpredictably.

But today is my day to be thankful and positive, right??

I'm so, so thankful that my girls' weekend is coming up. Fifteen days, to be exact. I obviously need a reboot. I can't wait to laugh, relax, and enjoy spending time with some of the most fabulous women in the world, who I don't see nearly often enough.

And on that note, I'm so very grateful that I do have my long-distance friends. I love knowing I can message my BFF at nearly any hour, and she's there for me. We commiserate, vent, brainstorm how to make it better, then pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and head back away from the chat more ready to face the world again.

I'm thankful that my boy finally peed in the potty. Once, but that's more than none! I'm also thankful that hubby and I are on the same page with this thing known as 'potty-training.' It will happen, but the boy has to want it first. We can't want it enough for him, and I hate mopping up pee. So we'll wait til he's ready.

I also appreciate the warm weather so much. I really hate the cold and feel like I'm finally just coming out of hibernation this week. C'mon sunshine!!

What are you most thankful for today?

10 April 2015


I am not one of those people with a strong sense of style. I go in other people's houses and see their stuff so nicely put together, and feel like I'm looking at a magazine.

Then I get home. My style is comfy. I spend my money on the kids and their clothes, accessories and activities. Someday, when they're older, I dream of paging through something like Baker Furniture and buying stuff to look nice. Not to impress anyone else, really, just to feel like a grown-up.

What is your style? Have you always known how you wanted stuff to look?

I've gone through a couple times and re-done a bathroom like I wanted to, but it seems like such a small room, without much to really decide on, you know? A shower curtain, wall color/decorations, rugs, towels... The rest of them I just sort of daydream about, or see pictures or someone else's house and think I should have them come do mine...


10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Thank goodness it's warming up. A little. The wind is vicious, but it seems to be blowing for good...
  2. Luckily I've been pleasant lately or I might be worried about a house landing on me. Just saying...
  3. My mommy and daddy are finally home. I don't want to crowd them the day they get home, but I hope we can meet up this weekend :)
  4. And Maggie is finally healthy! The kids and I have already had a fun day today, with a trip to the giant Sea Life Aquarium, a purchase of a BluRay player (since we had nothing to actually play discs on), and picking up a few groceries. Oh, and Sbarro lunch at the mall, during which some random kid threw up right next to us. WTH? Am I a magnet for it this week??
  5. I've got a peach-glazed roast ready to go in the oven for dinner tonight, but Logan's sounds like a much better idea now that the girl is healthy and wants to cram a week of enjoyment into her last three days of spring break.
  6. I started writing my addresses into my new Erin Condren address book, and I already wrote in an outdated one. Grr.... White out is my friend.
  7. Starting the month out slowly with my Perfectly Posh stuff, but I've got a quartermania fundraiser going and a Facebook party next week. Want your own free Posh stuff? Let me know!
  8. Less than a month til my big #cwp weekend! I'm meeting up with three of my besties, and staying at a BnB for the weekend with one of them. Can.Not. WAIT!!
  9. I feel like I'm running behind on a billion things, having lost so much time between me being sick and each of the kids being sick. Next week I really need to make a list and stick to it to get everything back on track. Wish me luck!
  10. Everything feels much more manageable now that I don't see any snow. :)

09 April 2015

Race Season

Okay, technically race season could be year-round. But hubby and his team don't drive for the warmer races in winter. So around here, race season is starting. They're participating in a race on the west side of Michigan in a couple weeks.

So there's a lot of time being spent in the garage. He talked about piping some 'Deliverance' style music in to make them drive faster, but I don't think it's even on the to-do list til after the rest of the car is, well, running. And then he seems to be working on the Porsche with no engine. Correction. The Porsche that as of last weekend has a junkyard engine that hasn't been installed. Details, details...

If he wanted to go with the music, of course he'd have to do it right. No plug in boom-box for them, look out musiciansfriend.com, there could be some weird requests coming your way.

08 April 2015

The Spring Break that Almost Wasn't

Well, we're on spring break. Yay?

Let me rewind a bit. Last Monday & Tuesday, I was sick. But I'm the mom, so I pushed myself back to life by Wednesday because we had places to go and people to see.
Wednesday it struck down Jack. So he didn't want me away from him, and I spent Thursday on the couch.
Friday we changed our 'family' vacation to a day just for Maggie and I to meet up with friends at the science center. Unfortunately our friends had an issue just a few hours into our day, but Maggie and I still enjoyed seeing the whole science center and going out for dinner - just us girls.

Saturday we were all alive and kicking. We headed out for pictures with the Easter Bunny as soon as he arrived at the mall that day, then did some piddly shopping (clothes for mom and dad), and lunch before we headed home to boil and decorate eggs. The kids even had a couple friends over to play with in the yard since it was so nice outside.

Sunday morning Maggie was SO EXCITED to get up and see if the bunny had visited us, and then we were all planning on a late brunch at Grandma's house. But it wasn't to be.

Maggie caught our plague on Sunday. And she's been sick ever since. Sometimes only sick once a day, but never well long enough for us to get out and do something. And since you're supposed to be fever-free for a day before exposing everyone else to your germs, it's looking like we will be spending most of break at home. She's fever free since yesterday, but just got sick again. Poor dear.

She's now accusing me of not knowing the secret to health. "You said if I ate something I would be getting better!" And I've had to tell her that yes, she is getting better, but eating again after being down for so long can still be a shock to your system.

So tomorrow we will try to make our escape again. The kids really want to visit the aquarium at the mall, but that's a lot of walking for a little girl who has barely left the couch in three or four days. I think we'll start with a visit to the aquarium store to re-stock our fish tank, and enjoy watching that for another day before we make a run at the mall.

Wish us luck!

24 March 2015

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Welcome to Tuesday's Random Thoughts.

Why do great ideas along with writing motivation and inspiration come when I'm in the shower, or driving, or otherwise - you know - unavailable to write?

I feel like we're finally in the mad dash toward summer. The last decorations I have for the school bulletin board are for Easter. So I'll probably need to get another set without a bunny for the rest of the school year, but the envelope now looks like, "YES. You are done."

And in spite of the inevitability of summer, it is currently less than 20 degrees outside. Fahrenheit, for those of you further north. That's colder than freezing. But I thing somehow warmer than other areas of the country. Very sad.

Maybe I should do a post all about my new biz... I'm having a 'Try-It Tuesday' tonight so local peeps can come try what I've got. Oh! It's Perfectly Posh, btw. 

I could honestly write random things all day, but what I really should be doing is rifling through ALL the little papers on my desk to sort out receipts and such I need for our tax appointment this weekend. Ugh!

23 March 2015

Deee-troit Basssketball!!

Check out this great opportunity to give back to the community and share your love of Detroit basketball!

13 March 2015

Disney on Ice presents Frozen

Wow! I'm writing this review as quickly as I can, because there's still time for you to go see this show! Click here to purchase tickets to a Disney On Ice show near you! An extra performance has been opened up this afternoon at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Today's showings are at 11am, 3:30pm and 7:30pm. Saturday and Sunday there are shows at 11:30am, 3:30pm and 7:30pm.

Disney On Ice presents Frozen was a surprise for my kids - and I'm not usually very good at keeping surprises from them! We went out for dinner with a friend, and then I suggested the four of us go for a drive. Maggie really wanted to go home and go for a walk, although she said she would ride her bike. I told her we'd see. As we pulled into the Palace, Maggie started getting excited. I asked her what might be going on at the Palace. Our friend suggested a basketball game. Nope.

 The YoKids intro was different, but it got both of my kids out of their seats and moving around (which I think they needed after adjusting to the shock of where we were!). Disney On Ice always delivers a spectacular show, and last night was no exception. It was a wonderful retelling of the instant Disney classic, Frozen. Before the real story started though, there was a really fun intro of some famous movie pairs, including Marlin, Nemo, and Dory, Pumba & Timon, and Jack's favorite - Woody & Buzz Lightyear. Oh, and of course princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and their beaus.

Our seats were wonderful, and if I wore a fitbit, it would have exploded last night from all those stairs to get down almost to the ice where our seats were. Next time I'll schedule the potty break, diaper change, and snack run a little better so I don't have to do the stairs four times, including one carrying the three-year-old. Ahh.. but after a fun late night, I digress again.

The show was a wonderful highlight of the most popular songs and lines from the movie, and I especially loved the young Anna & Elsa, Sven the reindeer, and the trolls. I was also grateful that the special effects and mini firework-flashes of Elsa's magic weren't loud or scary for my little guy.

For all the buildup to this show - it truly was great. Want to stay up-to-date on all things Disney on Ice related? Join Disney On Ice Insiders' Experience. There's still time to get your seats, or a suite with friends, and enjoy while they're in the Detroit area this weekend.

I received something of value from Feld Entertainment as part of their Insider Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.