24 February 2017

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Well, I've been doing some soul-searching lately, and I've got a post I'm putting a lot of thought into. But this isn't it. Hahahaha...
  2. Oops - hit enter. And besides that post, I also have another book review for next week, and another Stitch Fix reveal (boy, I LOVE my stylist, Kat!).
  3. It's finally cooling off toward regular February weather again. So I can barely see across our little swamp with the thick fog. Perfect zombie weather!
  4. I'm actually getting excited to head to Dearborn, MI for a Perfectly Posh Day Away next week!! This is the last round of Day Aways, but it's been sort of a mini, regional conference they've done with new catalogs. Their idea of 'mini' has been blown out of the water by the company's growth, so they're switching back to BIG conferences in one location for everyone again after this. 
  5. I have to do one of my least-favorite things today. See, tomorrow I'm having a Tastefully Simple freezer meal party. We'll assemble 10 dinners in freezer bags, and then for the next couple weeks I should complain less about feeding my family. At least that's the goal. Anyway, in the meantime, meaning TODAY, I need to go buy the 10 meals worth of meat, and cut/cube/slice it. The worst part of cooking for me is handling raw meat. Ugh.
  6. We had a four-day weekend last weekend for the kids' 'mid-winter break,' but I wish we had one this weekend. It's been an exceptionally stressful three days of school so far this week (hopefully Friday turns out happy - she just left...). One friend just wants to talk about 'crushes,' and another friend gets hurt in the crossfire. My daughter just wants to make everyone happy. I told her to make herself happy without hurting anyone intentionally, and they people who are supposed to be in her life will stay.
  7. I've never thought of March as a super busy month, but I'm suddenly looking at all but nine days of the whole month with something scheduled. And we still have a week! Oops - just remembered another event. Make that EIGHT days!
  8. Whoa! My little guy is sleeping in hard this morning! He usually wakes up as most of the house gets ready to leave, but it's 9am and he's still out... Lucky guy...
  9. I'm so grateful to work from home and have a successful business, but I'm starting to feel sort of stuck in a rut. Time to shake it up! While my job isn't going anywhere, I can always focus on different aspects of it, or even put more effort to different little jobs I do. What do you do when you need a change emotionally, but not necessarily the risk of a 'real' change?
  10. Well, I've got three more happy mail packages to put together so they can get to the post office today and spread a little happy next week at their destination. Have a great weekend!

15 February 2017

Reading Challenge - Book Five

My mom got me started on a new author, and sent me home with a box full of books, mostly by this author. Fortunately, I love her style. While the stories aren't changing my life, the characters are very engaging, which makes for some good 'escapism' reading.

The first book I ready by Liane Moriarty (and I believe the first book she wrote) is Three Wishes. I've listed this as a 'book about an interesting woman' for the purposes of this year's reading challenge.

Three Wishes was actually about the Kettle sisters - triplets living very different lives. The book opens with the girls' birthday lunch, which apparently most of the city will be talking about for days. The rest of the book is essentially a flash-back, leading up to the exciting lunch.

Gemma is the non-identical triplet. Footloose and fancy-free, she enjoys house-sitting for a living, while maybe dabbling a bit in stocks, but mostly marching to the beat of her own drummer. Lyn has her life put together With her own business, a successful and attentive husband, a fifteen-year-old step-daughter, and a toddler, she's known the 'right' things to do practically since she was born. Cat is also married, but after really living her life and enjoying her marriage, she and her husband think it's time to settle down and move to the next step of their lives as adults.

Things, of course, don't always go as everyone plans. I found this book hard to put down as I wanted to see what happened to the sisters, and how it all lead to the dramatic restaurant scene.

I would recommend this as a great beach read, or this time of year, a great stay in by the fire with wine read ;)

10 February 2017

2017 Goals

So I seem to be running a little slow so far this year. LOL Someone will have to remind me that I didn't get this done til February..you know, next year when I'm looking for it in my early January posts..

Without further ado, here are my 50 goals for 2017. :)

  1. Establish educational savings accounts for both kids. Yeah, really. Fourth year on the list. And I actually think about it frequently...
  2. Re-read and practice Train Your Brain by Dana Wilde. This may or may not include starting 10 Minutes Before Bed again.
  3. Bake regularly.
  4. Do a weekly Perfectly Posh face mask and post about it (on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or here. Not necessarily all at once).
  5. Yell less.
  6. Clean and organize Maggie's and Jack's rooms.
  7. Do a counted cross-stitch project.
  8. Make more cards.
  9. Redo master bathroom shower.
  10. Wash my vehicle at least monthly.
  11. Add 10 frontline consultants to my Perfectly Posh team. 
  12. Start doing anniversary recognition for my Perfectly Posh team.
  13. Order check-box recognition cards for my Perfectly Posh business.
  14. Grow my Perfectly Posh Facebook VIP Group to 75 members.
  15. Drink at least four glasses of water daily, on a regular basis.
  16. Learn to french braid my hair and Maggie's.
  17. Set up my Erin Condren notebook as a recipe book.
  18. Complete at least 50 Yelp reviews.
  19. Get back wall and new deck finished.
  20. Feed birds through the winter.
  21. Put hanging flower baskets at front porch for summer.
  22. See Pitch Perfect 3!
  23. Continue unpacking office boxes from the basement.
  24. Score for Pearson.
  25. Work elections.
  26. Blog regularly.
  27. Get fitted for new bras.
  28. Consistently menu-plan.
  29. Walk regularly when it's warm outside.
  30. Stay active with Close to My Heart crafting biz.
  31. Do hardwood floors for another room upstairs.
  32. Paint the living room.
  33. Read more books.
  34. See at least six movies in the theater.
  35. Do the 52 week savings challenge (yup - starting late on that too...) for holiday shopping at the end of the year.
  36. Purchase regularly from other direct sales friends.
  37. Redo blog layout.
  38. Send regular happy mail.
  39. Ask more questions.
  40. Work on scrapbooks.
  41. Keep stock of pink envelopes so I'm always ready to mail out prizes, samples, and happy mail.
  42. Burn more candles.
  43. Earn Silver Pool for Perfectly Posh.
  44. Update the kids' bedroom doors (currently still decorated from Valentine's Day, 2014, I think).
  45. Use up all the box mixes of foods and desserts that I have from several different direct sales businesses. I love going to the parties, but then forget why I bought stuff! Hahaha...
  46. Attend Perfectly Posh UnCon in August, and the leadership days right before this.
  47. Pick a mantra and make it prominent - in my office, on my phone, in my truck...
  48. Appreciate that my life is pretty wonderful with or without these goals accomplished.
  49. Believe in my ability to complete these goals.
  50. Complete the 2018 list a little earlier in the year. Hahaha...

07 February 2017

Reading Challenge - Book Four

I've finished my fourth book in the 2017 Popsugar Reading Challenge. For the 26th category on the list, I read 'a book by an author from a country you've never visited.' Luckily for me in this case, I haven't visited very many countries. PD James (Phyllis Dorothy James, Baroness James of Holland Park), was born and much later died in the United Kingdom. I assume she lived there during all the time in between.

I chose to read The Children of Men by PD James due to my recent hankering for dystopian fiction. I saw the movie years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter (by the way, TERRIBLE movie for a pregnant woman). Hubby and I watched the movie again last week so I could compare it to the book. TOTALLY different.

Anyway, back to the book. The narrator of the book was a cousin to the 'Warden' of England, who was now in charge. The whole story takes place 25 years after the last child was born in the world. A lot of the story is influenced by the politics of the era, and how a new baby could be a political tool. The movie focused more on the fact of a baby, but not as much on the political repercussions. I did enjoy the book more than the movie, but I think a lot of what was 'missing' from the movie would have been very difficult to portray, especially since the movie already ran almost two full hours.

I would recommend this book if you enjoy dystopian fiction. I'm glad I'd forgotten the movie (from the first time I saw it) by the time I read the book. The book is definitely a fuller experience than the movie.

03 February 2017

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Another Friday. LOL Somehow yesterday felt pretty Friday-ish, but I still had to get my daughter up and send her to school one more day this week.
  2. Considering getting my nails done again. Primarily because I can't pick at things with 'thicker' nails. But also because they look nicer then.
  3. Everything feels a little off-kilter today. Most of my work hours are spent on my Perfectly Posh business, and today they're updating the websites for our new spring/summer products. So the websites are down all day. And I feel sort of like my arm has been chopped off without my website. Be sure and check out all the new stuff, you know, late Friday night or on Saturday ;)
  4. In other news, I should have no problem running out for the few groceries I forgot, cleaning the bathrooms, AND finally defeating level 1207 in Candy Crush. Goals, right?
  5. This wouldn't be my blog if I didn't tell you I'm cold, right? 
  6. Also on my to-do list is filling out two more baton competition entry forms for my daughter. Here comes competition season! Somehow it doesn't feel as busy as last year did. I think I've also given myself a lot more forgiveness to just stay home in the winter. Life in general has become less frantic this way.
  7. I don't think life was that much 'simpler' years ago, I think we were responsible for much less of it. So of course looking back we had less to worry about then - we haven't always taken on so many roles in different stages of our life.
  8. It's another PJ Masks day here. I like this way better than the random YouTube toy reviews. I mean, yes, he's watching PJ Masks toy reviews, but it's not as annoying as all those dollar bags of stuff (which of course, are no longer a dollar, but more like $2.50 or $3).
  9. We've got a birthday party tomorrow, but I think a whole lotta nothing on Sunday. What's your weekend look like?
  10. I'm proud to say my office is still functionally clean, and I enjoy working here. There's a pile of papers on the desk that could use some going through, but the rest of things seem to stay in their place...

02 February 2017

Reading Challenge - Book Three

My third book read this year was actually finished in January. So that's like THREE books in one month! Woo-hoo!!

I read Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson as my 'book that's been on your TBR list for way too long.' I don't technically have a to-be-read (TBR) list, but I remember seeing this mentioned previously and wanting to read it, so close enough.

I spent the beginning of reading this book literally laughing out loud. And to show just how out of touch I am, I was thinking to myself, "This sounds JUST like the story about Beyonce the metal chicken," the page before she said something referencing giving Victor the metal chicken. Yay for the Bloggess! I had never realized her 'real' name before.

The parts toward the end that talked more about mental illness, depression, and some similar themes made me a little more uncomfortable, mostly because I prefer denial. I've done my share of depression counseling and anti-depressants after a few particular life events, but I seriously just want to be done with that. Great idea, eh? LOL

The raccoon? Was really what made so much of the book for me. I was almost sorry to be reading this on my Kindle, as I would have LOVED to see the cover around my house during my reading time. And to think, she actually has TWO raccoons like that? What a lucky, lucky woman.

I look forward to reading Jenny Lawson's first book, Let's Pretend This Never Happened. I hope it's as funny as Furiously Happy was, and I'll also try to stop by the blog when I need a laugh ;)

31 January 2017

Menu Plan Tuesday

Welp, I guess I'm not much for following the rules sometimes.

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday, but on a Tuesday.

Today is payday, and grocery-shopping day, so it is now (by necessity) menu plan day.

Tuesday (Jan 31): Let's start out easy, shall we? Hubby works his other job tonight, so the kids and I eat whatever is handy.

Wednesday (Feb 1): Tacos! Probably chicken tacos. They're a favorite of hubby's and because he likes lettuce on them, they've got to be close to shopping day, so the lettuce is still crispy ;)

Thursday (Feb 2): Happy Groundhog Day!! Maybe the kids and I will go out and celebrate, since hubby works his other job tonight.

Friday (Feb 3): Tonight we're meeting up with friends, and grabbing dinner on the run.

Saturday (Feb 4): Birthday party for a friend of the kids tonight, so hubby and I will probably grab carryout somewhere in lieu of the birthday party pizza. That's how we usually roll.

Are you getting the impression yet that I don't cook much? Apparently that's what works for our family.

Sunday (Feb 5): I'm undertaking another fun task lately - trying to go through all my purchased, direct sales food mixes and such. I've got a GIANT box of stuff from four different companies. The catch is, I purchased it because I sampled something, or they mentioned something that sounded good. But now I have a box of mystery! Hmm....
So, Sunday we're going to try Smoked Bacon Chicken Alfredo. (Actually, most of the reason for this whole post was so I could link this recipe now. LOL). I've got a two-pack of Tastefully Simple's Hickory-Smoked Bacon Sauce Mix, so if this stuff is tasty, we'll have it again. If not, their website is excellent for searching out different recipes using their current and retired products.

Monday (Feb 6): Hubby has been wanting to make his 'Chinese Chicken.' It's a recipe he pretty much made up when we lived in Germany for a few months, nearly a decade ago. This is an exceptionally good night for it, as he usually gets home before the kids and I on Mondays.

Tuesday (Feb 7): Hubby works his other job, so the kids and I will do something simple with what we've got here.

Wednesday (Feb 8): I've found a box of a Lasagna Skillet Meal from Wildtree that I think we'll put together for tonight.

Thursday (Feb 9): Another work night for hubby.

Friday (Feb 10): Tonight is the big daddy/daughter dance! And the boy and I will be going to a fun event at school. So I get we'll either meet up for dinner beforehand, or all just be on our own.

Saturday (Feb 11): Orange Chicken. Except this recipe thinks we should bread our own chicken. Not gonna happen. I buy the Tyson Popcorn Chicken - just heat it up in the oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes, then toss it with the sauce - yummo!!

Sunday (Feb 12): One of my favorite comfort meals is actually meatballs and gravy, with mashed potatoes and a vegetable.

Monday (Feb 13): We're all actually home tonight! Everyone enjoys City Chicken, as long as Meijer has them available in the week or so before I want to make them. I'll check the market over the weekend sometime. If not, we can always bake up some kielbasa, with macaroni or shells and cheese.

Tuesday (Feb 14): Happy Valentine's Day!! Hubby's back to work at his part-time job, so the kids and I will make do with whatever's left.

This brings us right up to our next full round of grocery shopping and menu planning :) What are some of your family's favorites? I'm always looking for more ideas!