28 November 2015

Reading Challenge - Book 26

Today I finished reading Life From Scratch (A Life From Scratch Novel Book 1). It satisfied number 41 on my reading challenge list - a book by an author you've never read before. At least I'm pretty sure it did. This was the second book that I was so grateful to have as a back-up to read at baton competition last weekend.

Life from Scratch was a delightful little edition of chick-lit, with a unique ending from what I expected. I was engaged with the characters, which is pretty much the best part for me. It was, oddly enough, another book with sort of a cooking storyline. The most odd part of that is that I'm not much of a cook either, much like the main character at the beginning of the book.

I wonder what it means that I keep picking these books about people cooking. Maybe my family will grow to like the same things that intrigue me and I can take up cooking sometime? Only time will tell...

27 November 2015

12 Days of Christmas - Day Eight

For day eight, I'm putting some more makeup. I think this is something that makes it to my list every year. I still love the MakeUp Forever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner. I'd actually like to try the 14L (White), and add the 10L (Copper) and 6L (Black with Purple Highlights) to my collection.

I'm also running low on my Covergirl - Bombshell Volume by Lashblast mascara. I think I always use black.

The eyeliner is available at Sephora or Ulta, I'm sure, and I've actually gotten the mascara at Target.

26 November 2015

12 Days of Christmas - Day Seven

So I finally got an idea for today, but I totally thought it would be easier to find online than it has been. See, I got one supposedly 'warm' outfit a few years ago when I agreed to go out skiing one time with hubby. And I went exactly one time. I think I've mentioned before how much I DON'T like being cold? Yeah. There are not enough clothes in existence to make me comfortable outside for an afternoon in winter.

But I do like the SmartWool socks we picked out for me then. Because they're cozy when I wear them inside. They're a big thicker than my regular socks too. And I want more. So I Googled SmartWool socks, and found about a billion different things, but only maybe three of them looked like they might be like my old socks, and I wasn't crazy about the patterns those were shown in. Maybe I'm that difficult to please, but I prefer to think I just don't know how to search for the skiing socks that hubby helped me pick out years ago.

I know they're SmartWool brand. I believe they're knee socks (they come to the middle/near the top of my calf). And they aren't obnoxiously patterned. I have plain-ish pink ones. I'm not big on decorative socks. Especially while my tennis shoes have an actual hole in the top of one of them. I feel my socks should be my business, primarily, and right now the world can see them. So I'd rather keep them understated. Plain-ish, that is.

24 November 2015

12 Days of Christmas - Day Six

I glanced at the wall next to my desk and realized something else I'll need before we head into 2016 - a new 2016 Anne Taintor Wall Calendar!

I absolutely love her snarky sense of humor. I previously had a planner that I carried with her illustrations, but it was before my ErinCondren. So I'm happy to still have my wall calendar to look at as I work in my office. It took me a little longer to get a wall calendar one year, and I remember looking at that spot on the wall with frustration more than once. Even though my planner is always with me, my wall calendar is where I glance to figure out the day of the month, and when a certain day will fall during the week. I'll never go into a new year without my trusty wall calendar ready for my reference!

Reading Challenge - Book 25

I was sort of tricked into finishing this one really fast. I downloaded two books to take with me to baton competition last weekend. It turned out really lucky that I did - this book was only 100 pages, and I finished it easily during solos. If I hadn't downloaded two, I would have been sadly without reading material for half the day!

The 25th book I finished for the challenge this year satisfied item number 45 on the list: a book set during Christmas. In The Christmas Cookie Chronicles: Grace, Flynn is about to give birth to her first baby. We meet Flynn and her husband and learn a little about their difficult past. As is typical in books, love and Christmas overcome all obstacles and we move promptly to a 'happily-ever-after.'

I would be interested in reading more quick books from this series. The characters so far are warm and likable.

23 November 2015

12 Days of Christmas - Day Five

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before how much I love my Erin Condren Life Planner. I've had my 2016 one for about a month or so now, and I'm ready to start planning! I belong to a few Facebook groups where they make GORGEOUS layouts each week. While I don't anticipate taking it to that level, I'd love some planner stickers to decorate and, well, PLAN with :)

I can't say I'm really picky about what brand or whatever, but on a quick surf through Etsy, I liked the look of these from Sunday Palm Planner. The important details are that they're for the horizontal style planner, and that they're made for January (or beyond). See, they color coordinate them with the actual printed planner. Cool, huh? I've seen sets I liked on Pink Elephant Planning too, but it doesn't look like they're into the new year yet. I'm sure once they have January up with a pack for the horizontal, I'd like them too. It's like my love of school supplies has run over into my grown-up life. Yay!

22 November 2015

12 Days of Christmas - Day Four

 Of course I need more slippers again!

Last year I actually had an unfortunate incident with a drink glass in the driveway while wearing my slippers near the end of summer. So I've been without slippers for months now!

I like the kind like these where you slide your feet in. I think I usually get size M (my shoe size is an 8, if that helps).

As we get more hardwood floors in the house, I figure I'll need more slippers as well. This year we pulled the carpet from Jack's room and replaced it with hardwoods, but that's just the first room on the second floor to get that fabulous treatment. Next will probably be Maggie's room or my office. I look forward to seeing it all in nice smooth hardwoods, with a cozy rug to accent right in the middle.

But I'll need snug, warm feet to walk across it all, so bring on the slippers!

21 November 2015

12 Days of Christmas - Day Three

If this isn't an easy repeater each year, it should be. Even when I don't wear makeup, I finish my 'look' with a matter powder. I strongly prefer bareMinerals Mineral Veil because it's available with SPF 25. I don't have a lot of lotions with SPF, and even if I did, every little bit helps, right?

While I've linked to the actual bareMinerals site, I believe this can also be purchased at Ulta and Sephora. I just want the plain version (it's also available as a 'tinted' powder).

What's your go-to skin-care/makeup item? Of course I now use mainly Posh, but we specialize in pampering, not makeup. I've found over time that I use less makeup when my skin is healthy and pampered, so it's a win. I had a different product down in years past for removing my eye makeup, but I now use Posh's coconut oil. I slather that on my eyes and then gently wash it off in the shower. Works like a charm!