28 January 2015

Reading Challenge - Book 3

This book went much faster!

Don't be confused, but my third book finished, Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage, actually falls in the fifth category on the Reading Challenge (a book with a number in the title).

I really enjoyed this book. It's my favorite sort of book - likeable characters, in situations I really don't have to deal with. Pure entertainment.

Mo is a girl who is in search of her Upstream Mother, until she realizes that what she's got is probably better than anything else could be. But she's also figuring out that things aren't always what they seem to be. With her best friend Dale, they are not only learning secrets about those around them, they're solving a kidnapping and maybe even a bank robbery - non-stop action :)

I'm curious about the author's other book based on the same characters. While I'd probably like to read it sometime, I'm not sure where it would fit in the challenge right now, so I'll just keep it in the back of my mind.

23 January 2015

Reading Challenge - Book 2

I've finished my second book for the 2015 Popsugar Reading Challenge. An Old-Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott satisfied the second requirement on the list: A classic romance.

I enjoyed it, although it took me longer to finish than I expected. Thank goodness for the library's e-loans. I did have to renew it once (since I 'checked-out' this one and the previous big book at the same time and couldn't finish BOTH within two weeks) but it was no trouble at all.

I found myself wanting to be a better person, like dear Polly of the pure heart. Since I don't read books and try to figure out the end (I do like a surprise!), it wasn't super-obvious to me how things would end up - although maybe it should have been. I did really like the last chapter, where everyone's situation was summed up neatly.

21 January 2015

I'm So Funny!

Hubby posted the other day about the new car he 'got' for me (another post to follow...), and someone asked if he could be hubby's wife too. My response? "Sure! I could use the help - do you cook?" Several women liked that comment - apparently I'm not the only one who thinks this way! hahahaha...

I was surprised to recently see that she doesn't have to be a wife - you can also just hire the other woman in raleigh nc. All the help with none of the legal hassles, eh?

If you could outsource one household chore, what would it be? I stand by my first cooking comment. I really do mostly eat to live. And with such a minimal interest in food, it's not much fun to cook for my family either (and I daresay my lacking enthusiasm and abilities don't help their appetite either!).

16 January 2015

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Awfully late to be starting on my ten random things, but it's amazing what HAS to be done when I'm faced with picking up all the toys in the family room. Again.
  2. Tomorrow is non-stop! Maggie and I need to go get a birthday present, then head to a birthday party, then pick up groceries on the way home and get ready for my 31 party back at home. Whew!
  3. I probably should not eat half the candy on my desk while writing this, or I may never get to sleep.
  4. Although I will need a burst of quick energy to take care of all those blasted toys...
  5. My office is looking so much better than ever before! Half the things left on my floor now are probably just things that should be in the trash, but I feel bad just throwing them away. But I should.
  6. I still need one more person to join my Perfectly Posh team this month. Is it you? I'm still new enough that my upline will spoil you rotten like she does me!
  7. It's supposed to be like in the high 30s tomorrow! Maybe we should wear shorts ;)
  8. I used to have a silky pair of long johns, but I can't find them anywhere this year! How on earth do I lose a pair of pants?? They would fit so much better under my skinny pants.
  9. Poor Jack announced today that he wanted to go to Mimi and Papa's house today. Me too, buddy. Just a couple more months...
  10. Crap. There has not been a peep from downstairs. Which means I am still the only adult here, and the toys have not been picked up. Here goes nuthin.

15 January 2015

Strumming and Drinking

Whew. I feel like things are finally getting back to normal. Right on the heels of the holidays, hubby switched jobs. In doing this, he ended up with almost an extra week off! So this has been my first week back to just me and the pre-schooler here during the day.

Somehow as everything gets busier, I think back and treasure even more the little minutes when the whole house didn't have to get up early to get everyone on their way. In the evening, we could all sit together, have a fire in the fireplace, and hubby could strum a tune on his Newest gear while we sipped cocktails and admired our children's peaceful playing together.

Just kidding. I think that was just a movie we saw once before everything here was animated. And hubby prefers heavy metal anyway.

Thankful Thursday - The Maybe Lady

A random act of kindness can warm up your whole day.

Last week, when Jack and I were out picking up a few groceries, he was very talkative. He was babbling about this and that, and needed to go say hi to the lobsters and point out everything on the way.

As we headed through produce toward the lobsters, a woman approached our cart and smiled. "Maybe," she said. Umm...okay. She looked happy, and was gesturing at Jack, as he continued his conversation with her. "Maybe," she said again. Each time was with a slightly different inflection, like there was a lot more thought behind it than just that little word.

I always try to play interpreter a bit during Jack's conversations, so I told her that he'd been good so far, and we were almost done. It was shaping up to be a good trip. She said, "Maybe," again, then held up her hand for me to wait. As she reached into her purse, I figured she was getting a penny so he could ride the horse on our way out.

Instead, she put a dollar bill into my hand, smiled again, and said, "Maybe," as I thanked her very sincerely.

Imagine my surprise when she had walked away and I looked in my hand to find a five-dollar-bill.

Jack was very good through all our errands that day, so I promised him we would be getting a treat for him, which I'm sure was what the 'Maybe Lady' intended. After we checked out (and he got his ride on Sandy the horse), we headed through Wendy's on our way home for a chicken-nugget lunch with a Frosty.

Thank you, Maybe Lady!

11 January 2015

Monster Jam Review

Hi from Monster Jam last night at Ford Field in Detroit!

First of all I have to say THANKS to the super-nice guy at the will-call who went out in the cold to get my tickets for me! See, I know where to get my tickets, but I have a notoriously bad sense of direction and couldn't find the right building. When I asked some ticket-taking dude for directions to the right building, he would not tell me what I was asking for, just insisted that I go to this will-call. So I did. Which was the wrong one (as I KNEW!). Some guy working there trudged out in the cold to get my tickets from the right place. So thank you very much!

And then we were in and ready to enjoy the show! Jack was initially captivated. He loved watching the qualifying races and the final races. Gravedigger was out after the initial parade lap. Something in the air left us with a LOT of broken down trucks last night. Hubby and I were seriously questioning the last qualification race between Max D and Bounty Hunter (I think?). When they showed the video and Bounty Hunter clearly won, they announced Max D as the winner. Things that make you go hmm.... (anyone else who was there notice this as well???).

Then it was on to freestyle. Normally my very favorite part of Monster Jam (of course - isn't it everyone's?), this year it felt, well, lacking. There were again a lot of broken down trucks, and the ones that stayed running seemed to end up on their roof instead of their wheels. Which is expected and quite entertaining near the end, but sort of disappointing if it's on their first maneuver.

Hats off to Crush-station who made a rather spectacular double forward flip, to land on the stands (in part) and another truck. Oops. They just left him there for the duration of the show. I'm sure video is floating around somewhere today with that magic.

Overall, we always love Monster Jam, but I hope there's a little more action to see at February 28th's show back in the D. See you there!

10 January 2015

Reading Challenge - Book 1

So I signed up the last week of 2014 to do the PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge. Let me know if you're in it or interested in starting too, and I can add you to a Facebook group where we discuss what books we liked or didn't like, as well as which of the 50 categories of the challenge they may fall into.

The first book I've completed this year was Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik.

At 512 pages, it met the requirements of item number one on the grand list (A book with more than 500 pages).

I suspect I've read this book before, but nothing in it was striking enough to leave me bored the second time around. It was a perfect escape book, about three decades in the lives of the five members of a neighborhood book club.