22 October 2014

Holiday Shopping...

The holidays are already just around the corner. I'm thinking I may do my personal wish list a little earlier this year, in honor of my attempt to shop a little earlier ;)

I always look at things like the taylor t5 for hubby, but is it really what a guy with like seven basses around the house needs? I daresay, probably not. He may even be looking at racecar parts more lately.

Maggie still has her pink starter guitar in her room, but it doesn't look like she has much interest in it. I need to hang out with her and see if this is something she wants to sell (it's still in giftable condition), and is there another instrument that's on her radar? Of course, with her being seven and all, I'd ask her on a few different occasions and compare her answers.

17 October 2014

Disney on Ice Recap

What a great show! Last night we went and saw the latest Disney On Ice Princesses & Heroes show.
I tried to get a picture of the four of us (me, both kids, and my mother-in-law) before the wonderful performances began, but the three-year-old was less than cooperative. Go figure!

The show was excellent, and even the three-year-old was absolutely captivated. This was the first year that he has literally just sat on my lap watching every single second. My heart was full watching him get excited to see Mickey, Minnie and the other characters he recognized, and he clapped and waved with nearly every act.

 Ice on FIRE? Oh, yeah. But Prince Philip had it under control. ;)

The real show stealer was (of course) those beloved sisters from Frozen. In all my years of seeing Disney on Ice performances, I have never seen the level of enthusiasm the kids in the crowd expressed for Frozen. Holy. Cow. I mean, they were really going nuts! And the soundtrack was hardly even necessary, since it was augmented with a lot of spirited singing along. All of the mini-princes and -princesses knew every word and were thrilled to join in with their favorite characters.

I have to say, it's been one of my favorite Disney on Ice performances to date. There are still shows with seats available at the Palace of Auburn Hills through this Sunday, October 19. Click here to purchase tickets to a Disney On Ice show near you!

I received something of value from Feld Entertainment as part of their Insider Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

10 Random Things for Friday

Yes. It is Friday. Very, very early Friday. And I am antsy and not ready for bed yet, so I'll try a nice brain dump of ten random things. K? K.

  1. I am actually tired.
  2. The bad news is I'm also drinking a glass of water. So once I fall asleep, there's a good chance I'll have to wake up again to pee.
  3. Halloween season is starting with a bang at our house! We have a Halloween party tomorrow night (Boo Bash, I think this one is called), and our annual Spooktacular Stroll on Saturday. Can't wait!
  4. Oh, but since we're busting out the costumes starting tomorrow, I need to go buy the black face pencil to go with Maggie's awesomeness. I ordered it along with her wig, but they didn't put it in the box and ship it. Boo! (Get it?)
  5. And since you asked, the kids are in really close to the same costumes as last year. Jack is Thomas the Train (exactly the same...), and Maggie is another Monster High character (last year was Abby Bominable, this year is Skelita Calveras). Pictures of course to follow.
  6. My office is now about half clean. I decided to put a litter box upstairs for the cat, and my office was the only acceptable room for that. So half of the floor is cleared for that purpose. The other half actually isn't as bad, but it's business stuff, so I just need to dive in, sort it, figure out what I want to keep/use, and investigate re-purposing the rest.
  7. Jack makes me listen to the same CD in the car - ALL. THE. TIME. Now? I haven't been in the car for hours, and the songs are of course still stuck in my head. Ugh.
  8. Once I go to sleep and wake up again, I expect to be a bit befuddled. See, I totally was convinced it was Friday all day Thursday. So now I need to remember to send Maggie to school. Unless I forget? ;)
  9. I jest. Maggie is going to school Friday (today).
  10. Is it just me, or are the leaves changing color early this year? Or am I completely panicked at the thought of winter coming and watching very carefully as it makes its inevitable approach....

09 October 2014

Time for Disney on Ice!

Just one week! Disney On Ice Princesses & Heroes is next week! The show is at the Palace of Auburn Hills from October 16 - 19.

Maggie is so excited! Jack will have a great time there, but he's at that age when I can't tell him beforehand, or he'll think we should be there about a billion times before we actually go.

Since I used to ice skate when I was much, much younger, I always find myself a little nostalgic watching the show. Maybe I'd still be skating, if a hundred other interests hadn't taken its place in the meantime.

Let me know if you plan to make it out - it's always fun seeing people we know. Click here to purchase tickets to a Disney On Ice show near you!  

I received something of value from Feld Entertainment as part of their Insider Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

08 October 2014

My Response to Common Core

Notice I didn't say this is my opinion of common core. That has no place here. I'm talking about how we - as a family - handle it in our house.

See, common core is new. There have been jokes around forever about 'new math,' and I remember my parents struggling with my homework because we 'did it differently' than they remembered. That's okay, and apparently I still made it through successfully even without my parents knowing how to do some of my homework.

Like I said, I'm not stating an opinion on common core. I'm not saying it's right, or it's wrong, or it's confusing, or a waste of time. I'm not even saying you can't contest it with your school board or other governing educational body. That's all up to you.

What I want to be sure and express is that regardless of the subject, our job as parents is to be supportive of our child's learning experience, and our child's teacher's role in that. To me, that means slowing down to really look at my daughter's homework. Usually that starts with her explaining a few of the problems to me (I pretend I'm checking her work, but I'm really learning the process she's been instructed to use on the easy problems she's confident with). Then she works through the rest of the problems, which usually get progressively more challenging. By the last problem, titled 'Stretch Your Thinking,' or something equally involved sounding, we are ready to put our heads together. I'm proud to say I usually solve it before my second grader. Usually.

This is where my true job as a supportive parent comes in. I really try to use the verbiage she used on the easy problems to lead her to an answer using the process she's being taught to use. Do I have to agree with the process? No.

In the interest of being an aid in the whole process of learning, I never want to say that the teacher is doing it the hard way, or that I know a better way, or especially that math is now impossible with common core. See, I'm teaching my daughter how to deal with the circumstances she's in. And if I want her to be successful at math, she needs to learn how to do it as she's instructed. Whether or not I agree with that way.

I'd love to see more parents praising their children for paying attention in class well enough to teach US how to do this 'new math.' Questioning authority is something we'll surely discuss as the years go on, but I really don't think it has a place in second grade math.

05 October 2014

Planner Happiness

Well, this is the first time I ever shared my weekly planner spread on a Facebook group, and I decided if I wanted to do that, I also wanted to share how happy I am with my planner with those who may actually know me in real life, right?

I love my ErinCondren.com Life Planner (and yes, I know that was the first line of my last post too...). My favorite thing on this week's spread is some of the stickers that I actually made! I learned how from MsWenduhh - Organize, Plan & Print blog. She taught me how to find stuff I like on Pinterest and paste it into a Word document, make it the right size for my planner boxes, then print it out and cut it!

Some people out there turn practically their whole planner into a scrapbook, but I usually use mine for, well, plans! The boxes look white now, but I know more school, blogging, chocolate and other appointments will cover up a lot of that space soon. I also already know I'd like to put some weekly to-dos over on the left hand goals & notes column.

I love my planner!!

26 September 2014

10 Random Thing for Friday

  1. I can't believe it's practically the end of September already!!
  2. I've become a bit more obsessed with my ErinCondren.com Life Planner (on the fan pages, that's the ECLP ;) ). This is my second year using it (2015, my third year, is already ordered). Want to get your own and see what all the fabulousness is about? Use this link for your first and get $10 off: https://www.erincondren.com/referral/invite/beckibayley0613
  3. I have to admit, while I'm feeling rather 'rushed' that September is ending, I'm itching to get out my Halloween stuff!
  4. I wish I'd brought my new 'reading glasses' in from the car, and upstairs to my computer so I could actually SEE these Kellogg's codes to enter them on their website...
  5. Since listening to a new Dana Wilde training call last week, I'm re-dedicated to controlling my thoughts and being more positive. The universe really does cooperate more when I expect it to!
  6. You know how much I love looking forward to winter (NOT AT ALL!), so I'm understandably excited to have this week so warm. :)
  7. Anyone have tips for printing closer to the edge of the paper in Word? I'm making nifty little stickers that fit in my planner boxes, but I feel like I'm wasting too much of my label paper - I want to use as much of it as possible, obvs!
  8. Today's plan includes clearing off more of my desk (and hopefully finding Maggie's baton CD), doing a couple loads of laundry, cleaning all the toilets, and cleaning the kids' bathroom. Ugh!
  9. I've almost finished reading the book on my Kindle, so I can get to the book that was luckily available just in large print at the library. Yay for large print with my old eyes! But I need to get going, since library books come with due dates.
  10. Looking forward to a fun weekend including a party with other moms, a kid's birthday party, and another visit with my parents. Let's get to it!

23 September 2014

Cozy Presents

We're supposed to have nice warm weather (70s) for the next week or so. But it's still chilly in the morning and evening. Like a precursor for the cool-off to come...

I've been browsing my favorite shopping sites for hoodie sweatshirts and jeans so far, but now that I don't need them as much during the day, I may just have to find personalized robes here. Anyone who knows me already knows I have a bit of a fuzzy slipper fetish ;)

What's your favorite way to keep cozy as the weather cools off?