19 September 2016

Maggie's KidPik Box - August 2016

Hello KidPik! Still not sure on the schedule, but we always love an email saying a box is on its way, and I optimistically crossed 'clothes shopping' off of our get-ready-for-school list when the magical email came. :) This time, it worked out for me.

After loving a maxi skirt she got this summer, Maggie was excited to see this 'Ditsy Floral Tier Skirt'  in scarlet (regular retail $22.50). For her, it looks like her beloved maxi, but the lining makes it a bit more suitable for fall and winter wear.

We paired it with the 'Rhinestone Dolman Tee' in KidPik Navy (regular retail $10.50). It matched well, and she's already worn the shirt with jeans as well.

In the picture on the top right, you can also see the 'Flower Ballet Toe Cap with Bow Kids' shoe in navy (regular retail $19.50). While she really liked the look of this shoe, she said it was 'scratchy' at the back on one shoe. After trying on the rest of the box, we figured out it was cheaper to take the shoes straight to the resale shop than to send them back. And oddly enough, she picked out a very similar, but comfortable, pair of ballet flats there.

Maggie immediately declared that this 'Suede Pleather Dress' in chili pepper (regular retail $26.50) will be her Christmas dress this year. It fits great and is flattering, and she's right about the color - it's a very holiday-type red.
I suggested to her that it would also be adorable dressed down a bit with a denim jacket, and she loved the idea. We don't do a lot of really dressy stuff for the holidays, so we may actually combine her original idea with my warmer styling modification.

The 'Rhinestone Bracelet' in KidPik navy (regular retail $4.50) is very sparkly, and similar to the white one she got in a previous fix.
With 30% off by purchasing the whole box of all items, and jewelry for less than $5, it becomes ridiculous to send something with such a low retail value back!

Last but not least was the 'Classic Girl Rouched Tee' in light heather grey (regular retail $19.50), which we paired with the 'Straight Jean' in a lapis wash (regular retail $15.50).
She loved them both. I was glad, because she's had a hard time finding comfortable jeans lately and usually prefers leggings. This outfit had something for either option. The shirt is long enough to cover her tushy, but the rouching makes it look a bit more fitted than just another tunic.

Overall, it was a great box and really got Maggie ready for the new school year. We 'officially' kept everything for a grand total of $82.95 after the 30% discount for keeping it all. We took the uncomfortable shoes straight to the resale shop, but she has plans to wear the rest.

We were also pleasantly surprised that for the first time of our three boxes, she got a little beaded bracelet that says KidPik as her freebie, instead of more appliques. In all honestly, I don't know where the appliques are going, but they aren't getting sewn on by me. ;)

We would still recommend KidPik for school-age girl shopping.  Maggie is now nine-years-old and in fourth grade. She is so excited every time we get another box of new clothes delivered for her to model, so we can decide in the comfort of our home what will stay and what will go.

We can't wait for our winter box!

09 September 2016

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. The first week of school is so LONNGGG. Even with only three-and-a-half days of school. Ugh
  2. While fall, and then spring, are my favorite holidays, I really wish the weather would just get to the right season, then stay there. This hot, cold, rain, cold, hot...crap! My head just pounds and I fill up on the sinus meds and ibuprofen til it all evens out. And then I can forget all my troubles and enjoy fall, right?
  3. Well, dangit. I just now realized that I put the kids to bed on time last night so I could eat the last Klondike bar, and then I forgot to eat the last Klondike bar. So now I want it, but the four-year-old won't let me eat it in front of him, obvs. So sorry about Friday night, kids, but ya'll are going to bed on time again tonight :D
  4. So. Said four-year-old is super excited to start school on Monday. But he's decided he should be stark nekkid at home today. I think school may be an adjustment. LOL
  5. How much do you think Cookie Swirl C makes off those crazy YouTube toy reviews and such? Huh.
  6. I was excited to find out yesterday that Healthy Moms Magazine listed my blog on their 100 Best Humor Blogs list! Woo-hoo!! Someone might be reading besides my mom? :P
  7. Do you like to make cards or be a little crafty with your kids? Check out this awesome set from Close to My Heart. It's the stuff to make adorable little cards, and a case to carry them all in while you make them and once they're done, for $46.95 (for a limited time). The only other thing you'd need is adhesive. A lot of sets are just the cards, but this is the cards, pre-cut circles, stamps, ink, adorable printed paper for the card bases, and the plastic case (that I admitted use for something else, but LOVE IT!).
  8. Maybe writing it down will help  me remember... my daughter really wants to check out the Renaissance Festival this year. I haven't been in years, but always enjoyed it when I went. Not sure how much my younger guy will like it, but I don't usually get away without him often, so we'll adjust ;)
  9. I feel like I forgot so much about preschool since my older one was there years ago. Then, I was preggo with #2, so that may explain some of the forgetfulness.
  10. JUST found out about a super-rare special with Perfectly Posh! They put the starter kit on sale for just $50!! That's $250 worth of products and business supplies. What a deal!! It's for 24 hours only, so if you have questions or are interested, now is the time to take action! My contact info is on my website, as well as an overview of everything you get! Act by September 10 at NOON ET.

07 September 2016

Reading Challenge - Book Nine

I finished a good book I won in a giveaway from Books I Think You Should Read earlier this week.

Absalom's Daughters by Suzanne Feldman was an interesting book which also satisfied the 23rd category on my reading challenge this year - a book that is published in 2016.

Absalom's Daughters is about Cassie and Judith, both daughters of the same man, but not raised as sisters. He impregnated Cassie's mother for reasons not entirely known  by either of them, and was briefly settled down with Judith's mother and other siblings.

By the time this book takes place, however, it's all about catching up with him again. The sisters' joint road trip ends up less about their father, and more about getting to know themselves and each other.

For the reader, it's also learning about the U.S. and racial disparity in the 1950s. By the end, their social status based on their appearances wasn't entirely about race. People are different all over, and this great story showed the good and the bad in many of the characters. It was a really enjoyable read that truly made you feel like you were there with them.

I'd recommend this book. As I've said before, reading for me really is about escapism and seeing the world through the characters' eyes. This book gave plenty of that, as I tried to imagine just where I'd fit in the 1950s.

06 September 2016

Disney on Ice at the Palace of Auburn Hills

With opening night tickets starting at $10, and general admission tickets for the rest of the show starting at only $15, who wouldn't want to go see another classic Disney on Ice show - Dare to Dream - from Feld Entertainment?!?

It's coming in less than a month, starting September 29 at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

"Nothing can stop a princess from a courageous adventure when Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream skates into to your hometown. Join your hosts Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as they share the heroic stories of four of your favorite Disney Princesses. Laugh along with Disney’s hair-raising escapade, Tangled, as Rapunzel, Flynn and Maximus embark on an uproarious expedition that soars to new heights! Travel to the enchanted forest with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as she escapes from the Evil Queen. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! Watch as Cinderella’s dreams come true with a little help from her animal friends and the Fairy Godmother. Boogie to the beat of the bayou with Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, in a magical, musical journey. Make memories your whole family will treasure for a lifetime, while dancing and singing along, as the Disney Princesses inspire you to Dream Big!"
Get your tickets at Ticketmaster. It's always a great show, and my kids can't wait!!

23 August 2016

Farewell to Summer?!?

It hardly seems possible, but school in our part of Michigan starts in just two short weeks. Then I have a super-confusing week, because my daughter's first week of school is just the first week of pre-school orientations for my son. His 'official' start is a week later.

Regardless, we've packed this week and next (and heck, last week too!) full of fun stuff we really wanted to do before summer is done!

One week ago today, we wrapped up a week-long vacation at my best friend's house in New Jersey and drove back home. The drive was uneventful, but being in the truck that long really throws off your schedule, you know? I had two days before the next adventure, and we kept busy then too! My daughter bought a camera so she can document all the fun, we celebrated family day at Greenfield Village (which my son calls Redfield Village - I don't know why) with the company my husband works for, and my son got his annual physical to get ready for his pre-school journey. I also had to sneak in doing the laundry for EVERYONE. Hubby had two weeks worth of clothes from his last business trip (he got home while we were gone), and the kids and I had our weeks' worth of vacation clothes. It wouldn't have been a rush, but the kids were ready to go again on Friday!

We hit I-75 going north Friday afternoon (a brave feat in itself!) so the kids could spend a few days camping with Mimi and Papa. It's an annual thing for them. The park is only an hour or so away from home, and has a pond with paddleboats, kayaks, fishing, and swimming, as well as an indoor and an outdoor pool, a lazy river, and lots of activities planned. My mom (Mimi) promised to take lots of pictures and help the kids make scrapbooks of their weekend again this year. I can't wait to see them!

Tonight I'll go join them for a bit of swimming, followed by some dinner and of course roasting marshmallows before I bring the kids back home again late tonight. Tomorrow I'm sure I'll be back on the laundry circuit. LOL

Still this week, we have two ice skating lessons (my daughter's regular lesson, plus a make-up for the one we missed while in New Jersey), dentist appointments for all three of us, and shopping for school supplies.

One of the highlights of my son's summer is scheduled for this Saturday. He insisted we all attend with him this year, so we've got four tickets for Day Out with Thomas
at the Huckleberry Railroad. He has loved Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends since before he was even two years old. Two years ago, I took the kids to Day Out while hubby was in Korea. Last year, we decided it would be more economical to divide and conquer - he took our son to Day Out while my daughter and I just headed to the local movie theater. But this year, our son was adamant that we all attend Day Out. He's gone so far as to say that his sister will sit with him on the train, and tickle him, and I could sit with his dad. Hahaha...

Hopefully we'll get plenty of rest on Sunday and Monday, because then it's back to as much fun as we can handle! We're loading up the SUV and road-tripping to Cedar Point. While I think I sort of outgrew America's Roller Coast about the same time I had back surgery, hubby and his family still love the roller coasters, and the kids always have a blast at the park's Snoopy-Land (Peanuts-themed kids' rides and attractions.

The rest of the week will round out with the elementary school meet & greet, another visit Mimi and Papa before they hit the road again, and my daughter's last beginner 3 ice skating lesson. Labor Day weekend will surely be spent trying to get some semblance of order to the chaos, and getting the kids back on a reasonable sleeping (and more importantly, waking) schedule.

Whew! What do you have to do to know you've fulfilled your summer bucket list?

18 August 2016

Reading Challenge - Book Eight

Well, I really wandered off this time, didn't I? :P

But I'm back from a trip to Chicago for Perfectly Posh, a primary election (loonngg day of work), and a trip to New Jersey for a wonderful visit with my best friend.

And before I even left on all this, I finished my eighth book this year. It satisfied the 11th category on the PopSugar Reading Challenge - it's a book that's becoming a movie this year. While I hadn't even heard of it before, I'm excited to see it now.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is a fabulous fantasy about real magic, although most of the characters prefer other words, like enchantment.

The premise is indeed fascinating, where two old illusionists pit their protege against each other, in a battle that potentially lasts forever. They create not only their skill-sets, but also the arena for the competition, with little concern of innocent bystanders involved.

I'd definitely recommend this book, if you're all right with things not being easily proven and believable in your 'real' life. I can't wait to see the fabulousness on the big screen.

27 July 2016

CONGRATS - Proven Winners WINNER!

Congratulations to AMANDA for being the random winner of the DIY Hanging Basket from Proven Winners Direct by Four Star Greenhouse Inc. You're going to LOVE it!!

Remember there's still a few days left with our generous discount code as well: Use this code: SWEETLYPWDIY at their site: www.provenwinnersdirect.com before August 1, 2016.

#ProvenWinners #gardening #ProvenWinnersDIY  

I received this fabulous basket in exchange for my unbiased review.