22 July 2015

Going Up!

Well, isn't that just the slickest thing?

I remember when we were first looking for the house we've now lived in for four years. Hubby's biggest requirement was that it must have a three-car-garage. I don't even know when the plan entered his mind to turn our three-car-garage into a FOUR-car-garage.

I can only imagine how many motorcycles would fit, if we had http://www.bestbuyautoequipment.com/Motorcycle-Lifts-s/292.htm like our car lift currently in the third garage bay. Do people even 'collect' motorcycles like they do cars? I'm sure they do. LOL

Do motorcycle lifts have the same options as car lifts? When hubby got our lift, he discussed whether to get the permanent lift or the portable one. I believe we got the portable one, but it still bolts into the concrete of the garage floor. Hope he never asks me to try and move that!

As similar in function as a motorcycle lift appears to a car lift, I bet it has to be more secured onto the lift. From the picture, it looks like that's what the thing around the front wheel is doing. It also appears that most of them don't need to lift as high. Not having seen someone working on a motorcycle, I picture it as being a little more from the side than straight underneath. The spare car in our garage is lifted til the top is at the ceiling - with the convertible top of the car down.

Boys and their toys ;) And amazingly, how much knowledge is picked up from being around them, but not even trying to learn about their hobbies...

20 July 2015

Hakuna Matata!

So when we went to Fontana Resort in North Carolina a couple weeks ago, I gave away what used to be my favorite hat. My daughter was very upset with me, but I couldn't explain the whole story in a way that she would fully appreciate it at this time.

See, here's the hat. It snaps in the back and I think said 'No Worries' over the hole. Granted, it was cute. I got it at Disney World in February 1996. On my first honeymoon, with my first husband. And I always knew that. We split amicably enough, but I always 'knew' where/when I got the hat.

I typically still wore the hat when I went out in the sun. Too much sun usually gives me a headache, and I definitely don't want it on my face. So I had it on at the pool with the kids when we were staying with some friends at Fontana Village.

Some dude who was floating around the lazy river stopped to say, "I LOVE your hat. I've never seen another one like it. I would totally give you money for that hat so I could give it to my brother." I chuckled and pointed out that I'd get a sunburn without my hat!

He commented again how much he liked it, and we both just laughed again. I finally said he could have it when I left. He politely refused, but the more I thought about it, I was tired of the hat's old story. So when I got ready to leave, I waited til he floated by again on his raft, and dropped the hat onto him. He got out of the water to come over and introduce himself and ask if I was sure. I assured him that the hat had outlived its usefulness for me and he should just pay the kindness forward to someone else in some other way.

Like I said, my daughter was quite upset with me for giving away such a cute hat, but I hope it's years before she realizes that people come and go in your life, and that's okay. Eventually you don't even want things around that drag them back into your stories. Truthfully, I'd even forgot about giving away the hat til I was just invited to a hat party and realized I need to find a new favorite hat to get me through the rest of the summer, and more summers with the people who are in my life now.

17 July 2015

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. The kids and I are really excited to go spend tomorrow with my parents and some family friends at their lake cottage. Hubby has racecar stuff to work on before the big race coming up.
  2. Are you a direct seller looking for a fun page to participate in consultant-of-the-month groups and games? Check out Elite Sales Exchange!
  3. Dang, I really love Cherry Coke.
  4. Anndd... now I think I know why Jack keeps saying, "Dang it!"
  5. I'm glad to say my kids are *finally* getting a bath. I keep thinking night-time is better for a bath, but by then I'm tired, so I'm easily talked out of it...
  6. I'm also glad it's finally supposed to be hotter out for a few days!
  7. Maggie and I are making great progress in her room. Honestly, it's mostly her. I'm just goosing her back into action when she gets distracted. Her goal is to get it clean and KEEP it clean so she can get a hamster. I already told her she'll have to keep it clean for quite a while - without my help - before we get the hamster.
  8. Yay!! After the basement dry-out was finished last Saturday, the project manager for the construction division called me just now to come out and see about what they need to do next. Hello new padding, patched drywall, and paint!
  9. We had thought about going putt-putt golfing today, but it's pretty dreary looking (although finally warmer!). Next week, for sure.
  10. I've heard I'm in the minority, but I sure do love spending the summer with both my super-fun and charming kids :)

16 July 2015


I should have realized what an integral part of my brain music is when I was always fighting with the kids over the sound system we have in the family room. The kids wanted to keep watching shows, but I just wanted to put on Pandora so I can hear some music as I move around the house doing the things I need to get done each day.

It's probably a lucky thing I never got into making music and investing in 2-ai and other equipment as a hobby. I'd have an excuse to always be doing music, and might not get anything else done!

As it is, I'm very excited that I earned enough points from my sales job to order a new iPod for myself. It's on its way! I have a really old iPod, but it won't hold a charge anymore, so I just leave it plugged in the car to provide a wide variety of tunes there. Since hubby and I used to share it, it does have a wide variety of music! My plan for my new one is to put just the stuff I really want to listen to on it, and keep it in my pocket, with my earbuds in my ears. ;)

14 July 2015

Reading Challenge - Book 15

This book has been getting kicked around my office for a while. I got it at the Scholastic Book Sale last year - around the holidays, I think? Anyway, I've always loved Gone with the Wind, so I picked up Rhett Butler's People by Donald McCaig with high hopes.
And I loved it :)

Since I am supposed to be satisfying categories from the reading challenge, I put this one down for number 34 -a book with a love triangle. The book runs pretty parallel to Gone with the Wind some of the time, so you know who's in that triangle if you've read the book or seen the movie.

I still nearly cried at the sad parts - maybe even worse since I usually knew they were coming. But my favorite (and I don't think I'm spoiling your reading enjoyment by saying so) was the happy ending. It makes me want to go back and re-read Gone with the Wind - and maybe even the sequel, Scarlett, that I think I've only read once!

Even more good news? The author that wrote this authorized (by the family of Margaret Mitchell) novel also wrote one about Mammy, titled Ruth's Journey. I've added that to my wishlist now too.

13 July 2015

Happy Minion Birthday!!

We're started planning by daughter's birthday party. The flooded basement sort of took precedence last week, but now it's full-steam ahead, since we only have two weeks til party time!

Here's our adorable invite (of course with the pertinent details removed...). I found it free through a Pinterest link, but then had to print it at home. I'm running into that a lot with the cool stuff I see on Pinterest, so I'll probably stop by Party City to see what they have ready-to-go before I use up all my ink ;)

We're doing it at our house this year so we can invite all the people my daughter wants to attend. She's a very friendly kid, and her chosen list has gotten way too long for us to afford to take them all out anywhere.

Although we still haven't seen the new minion movie, she insists minions like fruit. Since we scheduled it to be after lunch, I'm figuring we'll have a few fruit trays around, then do our regular cupcake/cake and some ice cream cups.

I always prefer something the kids will keep to a goodie bag of trinkets that may be lost before they even make it out of the car. This year we're planning to decorate small flower pots to look like minions, and then pick up some potting soil and a flat of flowers for them to each plant one in their newly decorated pot.

Besides that, I'm planning on lots of playing time, since most of the kids haven't seen each other since school got out more than a month ago.

My kids are very excited, and even Jack thinks he'll be a year older after Maggie's minion party ;)

06 July 2015

Wild Summer Nights and Zoomance at the Detroit Zoo

 iHeartMedia has partnered with the Detroit Zoo to bring an exciting new change to our Wild Summer Nights Concert Series presented by Genisys Credit Union. iHeartMedia will be bringing out staff from 100.3 WNIC, FM 98 WJLB, Channel 955, Mix 92.3 and 1130 AM The Fan for a Family Fun Night this Wednesday, July 8. Guests will be encouraged to play interactive games and participate in other activities with radio representatives. The entertainment will start with a few brief messages from a Zoo Emcee at 6:30PM and last until 8PM.

Check out the great acts scheduled Wednesday nights for the rest of the summer: 

Wild Summer Nights Concert Schedule 2015

  • July 8 – iHeartRadio (Family Fun Night)
  • July 15 – Starfarm (80’s pop rock)
  • July 22 – Michigan Opera Theatre (Detroit Opera House)
  • July 29 – Mr. Seley and the Troublemakers (children’s)
  • Aug. 5 –  Taylor Taylor (pop)
  • Aug. 12 – The Verve Pipe (children’s)
  • Aug. 19 – Detroit Children’s Choir (Detroit Symphony Orchestra)
  • Aug. 26 – Candy Band (children’s)

The zoo is open late Wednesdays for Wild Summer Nights in July and August until 8PM with a special $6 admission ticket after 6PM. Visit the Detroit Zoo website for more information.

Also just around the corner is my very favorite zoo event. Summer "ZOOmance" at the Detroit Zoo! It’s a 21-and-older event that features all of the normal zoo activities without all of the kids. Guests are encouraged to come and enjoy music and drinks, and rekindle their childhood love for the Detroit Zoo on July 9 from 6PM to 9PM and again on August 20, from 6PM to 9PM. Tickets are $14 a person, and you must be 21 and older to attend. Get all the details here.