25 May 2015

Memorial Day 2015

18 May 2015

Reading Challenge - Book 11

I had placed a request for this book a while back, just after I finished the first book in the series. Now I'm faced with that awful time of waiting for the third and final book to come out this fall.

It's never to late to check out the 2015 PopSugar Reading Challenge. Let me know if you're in it - we've also got a Facebook group where we talk about it, discuss what we've read, and suggest books to fit all the different categories.

I read Hollow City by Ransom Riggs as my 'book with non-human characters.' While I probably enjoyed the first book in the trilogy (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children) a little more, I think that was primarily because the first book introduced the whole concept, which made it fascinating in a new way.

Hollow City covers the peculiar children escaping from the island that used to be their home. They have several missions to accomplish: to help their previous 'mother-figure' back to normalcy, of sorts;  to find another loop - the environment they need to continue surviving - where they can live going forward; and to stay free from the wights who want to capture them for the hollowgasts - their mortal enemies whose only goal is to capture the peculiar children and essentially eat their souls.

I can't wait for the third book, Library of Souls, to come out near the end of September!!

Endless Accouterments

I suppose I should be grateful. Even though my husband has a lot of accessories from being a sometimes-musician, it seems like some other instruments could collect even more little bits and pieces.

If he played drums, it looks like I would also need a telescoping rod or two, and sticks, and different types of drums and cymbals. Any one of those looks more involved than a guitar pick and new strings a few times...

I remember noticing the difference just between when I played the flute and when I played the oboe and saxophone. Reeds, people. They add up, especially when you have a lot of peanut butter in your lunch, right before band class....

15 May 2015

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. No rain. No rain. No rain. Maggie's Brownie trip will be at the zoo tonight. Oh - so will I. No rain, please.
  2. Just got a free shipping offer from e.l.f. (eyes-lips-face). The retractable lip brush I want could be $3 delivered to my door. May be time to cash in the soda cans...
  3. I've never been really girly-girl-ish, but I sure am loving all my goodies from Perfectly Posh. Good thing I sell it!
  4. I'm excited to get a quote back for our landscaping work. I really, really hope it's a good quote and they're available to get started soon!
  5. Last night all the stuff I need to do today and into this weekend was clouding my brain and keeping me awake. Which is really unfortunate, because I have a feeling I may not get a really good night's sleep tonight in a room full of excited Brownies...
  6. I really need to get my nails re-polished.
  7. I can hardly believe summer is almost here. Can't wait for warm weather and fun!!
  8. Also a bit excited to go eat leftover coffee cake for breakfast. YUM!!
  9. It may be entirely too optimistic, but I'm going to download the next book I want to read for the reading challenge to my Kindle today. You know, in case I have time to read tonight. HA!
  10. Grocery shopping feels so weird when we need so many munchies. Jack and Maggie are here for snacks every day, but meals are sort of hit or miss.

11 May 2015

Reading Challenge - Book 10

I actually finished my tenth book this year last weekend, but since I was on vacation I kept forgetting to blog about it once I returned home.

I read Habibi by Naomi Nye as 'a book with a one-word title.' Habibi means something similar to 'beloved' in Hebrew. The book is about a teen-aged girl, Liyanna, who moves with her family from St Louis, Missouri, to Jerusalem, where her father was born.

Topics in geography and world history are not usually my strong suit, but I really enjoyed this book, as it was much more into the characters - who the people really were. I believe this was also pretty much the point. Liyanna was told about the conflicts, and experienced several traumatic incidents, but she could never bring herself to understand why everyone couldn't just know and respect each other as people. Such great wisdom from a young girl with little control over her own life.

This was admittedly not a book I probably would have picked up without the list requirements to guide me, but I really enjoyed it.

08 May 2015

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I hate trying to work with contractors and such. I'm trying to get a little landscaping work done around my house, and it's PAINFUL. I personally love delivering quality customer service, so I can't freaking stand all the companies who never call me back, or do what they'll say, or follow-up....grrr......
  2. I am so grateful the weather is finally warmer!!
  3. I have the mom disease. I set aside a little money so I could get myself some yellow strappy sandals to go with the dress I'm wearing to a wedding tomorrow, and maybe some shorts, since my years-old ones are starting to literally fall apart. Instead I ended up with two outfits for my son and one outfit for my daughter. They also needed summer outfits, so I got them. So much easier shopping for others...
  4. My mind is literally running in a million directions at once today. Each time I'm trying to start a new number on this list, I think of sixteen other things I should be doing, and get distracted.
  5. It totally feels like a weekend already here, since the kids have off school.
  6. I've been meaning to make cookies for days. Originally I was going to send them to school for teacher appreciation week, but the deadline snuck up on me so I had to buy.... I've still got those oatmeal scotchie ingredients and new parchment paper calling my name...
  7. 3:00PM...I should probably start making some decisions about dinner...
  8. If jorts (jean shorts) are such a joke, why are they still available for sale? They look so comfy, since I'm used to jeans all the time.
  9. Wish me luck, I think we're trying to curl Maggie's hair for competition tomorrow, since her first event is one where her hair can be down.
  10. Honestly? I really love my life.

07 May 2015

Thankful Thursday

I'm struggling something awful with a headache today, so maybe a dose of thankful is just what I need ;)

I'm so thankful to my amazing best friends for our most fabulous weekend together. I spend last Friday through Sunday with my absolute bestest pal. We bed-and-breakfasted in New Hope, PA. IN addition to of course each other's company, we had delicious food, fun shopping, and even beautiful weather to enjoy it all.

I'm thankful that I just did really well on my last project. See, I have a scoring job usually through the spring each year, that I'm admittedly not very good at. I got on a project on Monday, though, that totally clicked with me. I aced testing, then got two great days of reads in before the project finished.

I'm thankful that my daughter has tomorrow off from school. I'm not even sure why they have it off, but I always like having her around :)

And the last thing for now is that I'm thankful that hubby and I have some time away this weekend while we attend a wedding, then stay nearby instead of driving right home. The kids will love having some quality time with Mimi and Papa.

27 April 2015

Reading Challenge - Books Eight and Nine

While the first book I'm writing about took me about a week or so to finish, once I picked up the next one, I could hardly set it down til I'd finished it! So they both end up in the same post. ;)

The eight book I've finished this year fits in the ninth category on the reading list this year - a book by a female author. Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan was a fun read. The main character, Issy, was lovable and sure to succeed in the end. While highly predictable, it was still a very enjoyable book.

The recipes interspersed also sounded fun, and the personal comments added in as Gramps transcribed the recipes to Issy were amusing. If I was actually motivated enough to get in the kitchen and clear enough of a space to make cupcakes (and then have to deal with the resulting mess of that...), I would probably try the basic recipe given with the author's notes at the end. I do love a good cupcake!

The ninth book finished this year was the one that totally sucked me in. As I just commented to my husband, it's been a while since I've finished a whole book in two days. And it was a hard-copy book too! My mom gave it to me ages ago after most of her office read it first. Guilty Wives by James Patterson and David Ellis satisfied the tenth category on this year's reading list - a mystery or thriller. I think the only time I set the book down since I started reading was to call my mom and scold her for not having warned me about how the book would suck me in! Hahaha...

It was definitely an excellent mystery, with some details not completely revealed until the last few pages. I also love a book with short chapters, so when calls from nature or child emergencies arise, there's a clear spot to stop and do what you need to without completely losing the thread of what's going on.