22 November 2014

12 Days of Christmas - Day 4

One of the downfalls of starting this earlier is that I may see things I wish I'd mentioned after my list is supposed to be done. I guess I'll deal with that if it happens ;)

I think I've had something on my list every year having to do with Shaun of the Dead or zombies :) This year I saw this hoodie a few weeks ago.

I would love to rock this in a small, I think (since they're unisex hoodies), in the Dark Heather color ($29.99). What do you think?

And more importantly, have you seen the movie so you understand the references? If not, please do. You won't be sorry.

21 November 2014

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3

I saw these mentioned in Good Housekeeping last week and thought they looked really cool! They're Flash Tattoos - temporary tattoos for grown-ups. They look like jewelry - my favorites are the Lena or Josephine ones that are like bangle bracelets.

I'm not even sure where I'd wear them, but that's why they'd make a cool gift. I doubt I'd buy them for myself, but I can sort of imagine wearing them probably in summer? (Annddd.. now I hear the voice of Olaf the snowman in my head, "in SUMMER!!!")

Sorry. The snow is already driving me a bit batty.

It looks like most of the sets I liked were about $22, plus shipping if your order totals less than $43 (weird number - okay).

20 November 2014

Back to the Tunes!

As I'm sure you would expect, I am not pleased about the snow we've gotten already this year.

But I am happy to hear the holiday music. I'm one of those people who turned the local station with the holiday tunes on as soon as they started playing them. I wouldn't be opposed to hearing someone plunk out Jingle Bells on a keyboard or the selection here (of course the cuteness of Jack trying to sing along would help even more).

In reviewing my posts from last year, I see I never got to hear my favorites! Hopefully they'll get around to the hippopotomaus and the donkey song before I need to learn them on the guitar and play them myself. I'm afraid that would detract even further from their appeal ;)

12 Days of Christmas - Day 2

I have a little counter in my kitchen where there's usually a Scentsy warmer/scenter. I have a candy corn one, a birdhouse for the spring, an Easter egg, and a Santa suit. But I don't have anything for between Christmas and Easter... How about this guy:

I think he'll be perfect! Back before we had kids, I had a holiday tree just decorated with penguins. Our holiday tree still has lots of them, but we've added other things as our history has grown. You can get this dude for me at my friend Brandy's Scentsy site. I think there is usually a bundle to get him with some of the smellies - nothing floral, please!

19 November 2014

12 Days of Christmas - Day 1

Well, as previously discussed, I'm starting this a little earlier this year. Most of the things on my wish list are available online so in all politeness I should allow time for shipping/delivery, right?

If you're looking for ideas to give me for holiday gifts this year, you'll find a bunch right here - my 12 Days of Christmas wish list. :)

This? Has 'me' written all over it. I'd like it in a size M, please. I LOVE hoodies, and I DON'T love winter. See?

18 November 2014

Wild Lights at the Detroit Zoo

I know there's lots of noise about rushing the season, but memories of last year's cold are still a little too vivid for me! I'm thinking of taking my family out this weekend or right after Thanksgiving to check out the Detroit Zoo's Wild Lights display.

When: November 22-24, 28-30 and December 5-7, 11-14, 18-23 and 26-31.
Time:  5:30 - 9 p.m.
Event Features: Experience the magic of the Detroit Zoo in winter as you take in the lights and the sights with more than five million LED lights that will illuminate trees, buildings and more than 100 animal sculptures throughout the front of the Zoo.  Guests can enjoy a variety of activities including a craft, carolers, ice carvers and can even write a letter to Santa.  The Detroit Zoo also invites guests go on an extraordinary adventure in the Wild Adventure Zone with "The Polar Express 4-D Experience" at the 4-D Theater.

If you purchase your tickets before November 21, you'll even be entered to win a family four-pack of tickets to Dinner with Santa at the Detroit Zoo! You can buy tickets here.

Also, whether your car is at 500 or 5000 miles, Valvoline Instant Oil Change is encouraging everyone to visit one of their 14 Metro Detroit locations to prepare for winter. Use your Detroit Zoo membership card to save 15% off of your entire invoice.  Please use the coupon below.

17 November 2014

It's Monday - What are you Reading?

I've been wearing out my Kindle lately. On vacation last August, a friend was reading The Giver by Lois Lowry and strongly recommended it.

I started reading the first book of the quartet last week. They're very quick reads; I read all of the third one today (The Messenger) and will probably wrap up the fourth (The Son) later on tonight or tomorrow.

They're fascinating. The first two are about totally different communities, but I kept reading under the assumption they'd all be tied together at some point to make the books an actual series. Sure enough, the third one re-introduced the main character from the first book, and the fourth book is starting with a new character from the community of the first book.

As my friend did so many months ago, I would totally recommend all four (in order) of the books in this quartet.

Want to share what you're reading? Go on over to Book Journey!

13 November 2014

Built to Amaze!

And another fabulously fun trip to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus is in the books :) We attended the Built To Amaze! show last night, and the whole family had a great time (well, at least Jack enjoyed the first half, before sleeping through the end).

I'm always a fan of the circus, so my enjoyment of last night's performance was already pretty certain. A few things I did notice were that the giant ball with way too many motorcycles was missing (but it usually made me nervous anyway, so I'm not sure that it's bad to not have them there), and the girls who hang by their hair didn't have an act this time (possibly because the accident months ago out east?). Anyway, my family loved the woman being shot out of the cannonball, and Maggie and I saw her on an elephant later in the show as well.

In all my excitement leading up to the circus, I got to hear an interesting story from a friend who had some insider experience with the circus - Miss Molly (of Romper Room fame, for those of you near the New York syndicate of the show) fondly recalls getting a pie in the face during a Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circus at Madison Square Garden in NY. She shared with me a picture of her with some clowns on the White House lawn in the 1980s. I just think that is so cool!!

The circus is still at the Palace of Auburn Hills through this weekend, and there are great seats available.  Click here to purchase tickets for a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey performance in your area!

I received something of value from Feld Entertainment as part of their Insider Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.