26 December 2019

2019 - Goals Recap

I've reviewed both my 2018 - Goals Recap and my 2019 Goals, and things definitely need to change. I didn't achieve much of what I thought I wanted to for 2018, and 2019 has followed in its shoes. I am overall okay with my life, and don't feel like I'm lacking in what I've accomplished, so it's my list that must need work. Expect to see a different angle in the next week or so for my 2020 goals. ;)

Until then, let's look at what I've done with 2019.

Here we have, my 2019 goal list, edited with whether or not they've been met:
  1. Establish educational savings accounts for both kids. This is the year! Thankfully, Ashley from Armadillo Bulldog left me some helpful information in a comment when I announced this as a failed goal from 2018 (and it was also a fail from 2017!). Thanks, Ashley - I'm on it! - Seriously, peeps. It's not gonna happen. I do save from all the money I make for my kids, but these accounts are overambitious for my earnings. I'll keep doing what I do, and they'll always have a bit of a cushion.
  2. Bake regularly. - Dude, I only made one batch for the holidays even this year. They were oatmeal scotchies, and they were delicious.
  3. Yell less. - I really think I've mustered more patience and less yelling. Or maybe a lot less of giving a shit. LOL
  4. Complete a counted cross-stitch project. I've got two to choose from! I think first I need to get a good crafting light for the corner of the family room. And having my new glasses will help too. - My reading pace has overshadowed my crafting. And I'm okay with that. I LOVE having access to so many books and reading such a variety.
  5. Wash my vehicle at least monthly. - Not quite. I think this is part of what I was talking about above. Things on my list that aren't truly 'goals.' I wrote it, and forgot it.
  6. Drink at least four glasses of water daily, on a regular basis.  - I have done a much better job of taking in more water. My new Cirkul bottle has helped in the last few months, and I undeniably drink more at work than at home, but improvement is improvement.
  7. Learn to french braid my hair and Maggie's. - Hahahaha... nope. My french braiding is adequate to get my hair off me. This always sounds like a cool idea, but it's not a 'goal.'
  8. Set up my Erin Condren notebook as a recipe book. - I made a teeny bit of progress. This would be cool to get done.
  9. Complete at least 50 Yelp reviews. - Looks like I finished 26. More than half-way! I may modify the overall number, but I do want to keep sharing my reviews.
  10. Feed birds through the winter. - Heck yeah. Except we're still sort of waiting on winter this year...
  11. Put hanging flower baskets at front porch for summer. - Yup - this is sort of my mothers' day and birthday presents. I truly enjoy sitting outside to read with my flowers and my hummingbirds.
  12. Continue unpacking office boxes from the basement. - I may have cleaned out one box? The office is pretty cyclical. Now I need to clean it again so there's room to keep and purge things from the old boxes.
  13. Score for Pearson. - Definitely!
  14. Work elections (if there are any this year?). - I had to go back to the calendar and check. I did work an election in May. 
  15. Blog regularly. - Done!
  16. Walk regularly when it's warm outside. - Hahahaha.... but still a good goal.
  17. Read more books. 2018 saw me reading 42, so 'more' means 43! I'm well ahead of this goal so far. - I feel like I should be able to cross off several for this one. I've read about 85 books so far this year, and still have almost a week left!
  18. See at least ten movies in the theater. - I only saw four movies at the theater this year. And through at least two of them, I felt a bit dizzy and nauseated. The big screen wasn't agreeing with me. This goal is off the list, and I'll be watching more flicks at home ;)
  19. Do the 52 week savings challenge for holiday shopping at the end of the year. - Didn't even occur to me. Which means I'm sure I started it, and then probably spent the money having a fun summer. LOL
  20. Save enough from my school-year paychecks so we can still do fun stuff this summer. - I must have? We enjoyed summer, but we've been really focused on saving for Disney over spring break 2020.
  21. Burn more candles. - I think so? Luckily neither of the cats have caught themselves on fire yet...
  22. Update the kids' bedroom doors (currently still decorated from Valentine's Day, 2014, I think). - Still hasn't happened. 
  23. Re-organize office with a goal of more crafty stuff I enjoy. - Sometimes I crack myself up. Yeah, this is a no.
  24. And then do more crafty stuff (card-making or scrapbooking?). - See #23.
  25. Minimize wardrobe to fit comfortably in drawers seasonally (with off-season in under-bed storage). - This is how I do it. I don't remember not doing it this way? But I must have achieved this goal. Go, me.
  26. Keep working a job outside the home. - Yup.
  27. Get at least one more pair of work pants, so I can have two outfits. LOL - Yes! Except of course now one is my favorite, and the old ones don't get worn as much.
  28. Do something fun with my hair (cut/color) at least once this year. - Nope.
  29. Do a couples painting (at like Painting with a Twist or whatever) with hubs. - Nah.
  30. Get new bath towels for the whole house. - Partial? We hosted Young American college counselors for a week, and I had to buy a few new towels to have enough. But I didn't replace the towels for the whole house.
  31. Relocate the toys (except maybe the board games?) out of the family room, and into the kids' rooms and the basement. - Still in progress.
  32. Appreciate that my life is pretty wonderful with or without these goals accomplished. - Definitely.
  33. Believe in my ability to complete these goals. - Sure! But I need to pick things that are actually goals, instead of a list of ideas to do this year...


Liz Parker said...

Sounds like you got quite a bit done. And you doubled your reading intake, which is impressive! :)

Rachel said...

I had to laugh at the part about yelling less! Maybe it is that you don't care as much :)

Good job on the water intake. That's one of my goals too! I need to start measuring it each morning to keep track.

Your reading intake is impressive. Good job overall!