20 November 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Only one more night to enter my EdenFantasys giveaway! I'm drawing the winner tomorrow morning. It's for a $25 gift card (I'll have no idea what you order, and they have more than just 'adult toys'. I got my Halloween costume from them, and they also have some popular books!)

And in less than a week (Sunday, November 25) I'll be drawing a winner for the Melissa & Doug play food! Even if you don't have kids, it would make a great gift! Don't even know any short people to gift it too? What a fabulous donation to Toys for Tots or another children's charity this holiday season!

I've figured out that Jack makes it until just about 11AM. Then he reaches what may be affectionately known as the 'nap or die' stage. The volunteer time slot in Maggie's class room runs from 10AM until 11:45AM. Each time I volunteer, I find myself quickly slipping out at 11AM to keep the screaming to a minimum ;)

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siteseer said...

it's good to know your limits lol. I used to love volunteering