20 November 2012

Let's Blow This Pop Stand!

So I tried to explain to Maggie that today is sort of like Friday, but not bagel Friday (since she can buy bagels at school on Friday). I just wanted to get across to her that it's vacation time, even though we won't rent a beach house or anything. 

 I finally thought I was getting through, til she said, "Oh, so after Thanksgiving I'll be in Lower El?" (the next grade at her school).

Um, no dear, not until after summer, after your birthday, when you're six. So then she looked at me expectantly again.

Never mind, just get ready for school :)

Kids are always an adventure! We don't really have much planned for the five-day weekend. Tomorrow we're meeting up with a kindergarten friend from another school and her mom and brother. There's a craft at the library, then we'll all grab lunch and maybe play at their house for a little while. She's really looking forward to Thanksgiving with her cousins, and then hubby and I are deciding on something fun to do as a family on Friday.

What are your big Thanksgiving plans? Do you get extra time off besides Thursday?

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