21 November 2012

Checking the List!

Well, we don't know whose names we have yet, but soon enough we'll have to start our holiday shopping for hubby's family. Because it's mostly adults, we just pick names and buy for one person of the same gender, then everyone spoils our kids (since they're the only ones).

What I really like about this system is once you get the name, my mother-in-law also forwards the list they've provided to her. So you don't have to wonder what a music-loving brother-in-law wants. You get a very specific list - frequently with buying links - like this:
  1. Guitar strings
  2. The 1979 release of a music book you otherwise never would have heard of
  3. Tickets to his favorite band
You get the idea :) I always try to make a really long list of varied things, so it's still a surprise to me to see what I get.

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