10 October 2012

What the Hell Wednesday?

Since March? Really? Let that be proof that I really try to keep it upbeat and positive around here. But I'm suddenly giving up. If your day is touch-and-go so far, stop reading. I'm gonna verbally vomit chunks of my day, then walk away and make tomorrow better. You've been warned.

I am absolutely sucking as a parent this week. Yesterday I threatened to sell both children to the gypsies. Tonight I irrationally flipped out on Maggie when she knocked over a candle holder in my office. With her feet, but still. After I took a deep breath and collected half of the billion glass marbles on the floor, I found her face down on her bed, crying. Yes, I'm terrible. And the guilt follows me around for days.

I'm not only ruining the day of those younger than me. I also rolled the brand new tire out of my trunk...into the side of my father-in-law's newish truck. And left a dent. That I could see from my spot up the driveway and across the street. I really didn't think it would roll that far without falling over. I would never intentionally mess with anyone's auto, and I am completely mortified that I let that happen.

Remember when I was so happy to have cleared off my desk? Ha. It looks awful again. I know I deserve a better working space, and I know I'm the only one who can give it to me. So I'm kicking my own butt over that. Again. Hopefully with hubby racing this weekend I'll get my act together again. And maybe keep it together this time? Sorry, this isn't my optimistic night.

And I swear our furnace isn't working. Which wouldn't be an issue, except that it's October, in Michigan, and I HATE to be cold. At dinner the thermostat read 65, so I bumped it to 69 (the normal set point is 68). A few hours later the override shut off, and it still had only warmed to 67. But right now I'm in my office. I'm pretty sure my office is the warmest room in the house. I'm finally toasty.

Please tell me I'm not a total psycho. And fate, if you're listening? Tomorrow has to be better, please.


denise said...

Yes, tomorrow will be better and warmer because you'll find your favorite hoodie or a blanket and cuddle up in it. If not, I do have a snuggie you can borrow.

Also, warmed wine does wonders to warm up the blood. Nothing better than working inside out.

And for the record, you are not a terrible mom, person, daughter-in-law, or karaoke singer. So what, your aim in tire rolling needs some work? That's a redneck sport anyway. Focus on your good points. You have many. Warm hugs.

canape said...

You aren't even a partial psycho. Not even close.

siteseer said...

We'll have to work on Maggie getting a harder skin for her own good. You will probably never attack again ( :) ), but other in this world will. She'll be fine and you're a great mom. Shit happens and when you're too cold or too hot or too tired all bets are off. Love you