14 March 2012

What the Hell Wednesday

What the heck indeed? There's a road by my house called Giddings. This isn't the problem. The problem is the street sign at a major intersection identifies it as Gidding. Yes, it's Giddings everywhere else except this one intersection. How many people had to not give a crap about their job in order to let this sign with the road name misspelled on both sides make it all the way to the road? This makes me irrationally angry. And it makes me this angry EVERY time I see it.

Cabbage. I strongly dislike cabbage. Most of my exposure comes from cabbage in salads, and I really don't feel it adds anything. And to go one worse, it makes the whole salad taste nasty and bitter if there are leftovers the next day. WTH, cabbage??

I am officially completely done with my previous printing company. If I ever recommended Sircooper.com to you, they are now SuperCopyUSA.com and they're AWFUL! I ordered on February 22, they deducted my money shortly after, and I still have NOTHING to show for it. I called last Friday (March 9) to ask WTH and was told my order was shipping that day. And then the guy asked me a question about one of the documents. Implying they hadn't even OPENED my order yet! This Tuesday? I got an email saying my order status updated to 'Shipped' and I got an email from USPS.com saying my order had been received by them. Last Friday my butt! I don't think it should take almost a month to print a $50 order, guys - WTH???

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