11 October 2012

Turkey Time!

Okay, not to eat yet, but in a neighborly sort of way. Unfortunately my camera is on its way to the race track, so I had to capture the moment with my camera-phone.

As soon as Jack and I got back from taking Maggie to the bus stop, I saw TEN of these buggers outside our family room window. I'm not sure if Jack saw them or not before I quickly tossed..er, I mean set him on the floor so I could try and capture their image. It would seem they were watching for me too, as they quickly started filing through a hole in the fence to the abandoned orchard lot next to us.

Maggie saw them a few weeks ago. She came to get me saying, "Mom, there's some like, turkeys? outside my window?" Since she was an infant, Maggie has excellent eyes, and when she says she sees something, we look for it til we find it too, because she's definitely onto something every time. Sure enough, there were a bunch of these majestic wild turkeys strolling across our yard.

I'll try to do a better job getting a picture of the buzzards that hang out in the dead tree in the middle of the swamp a little later in the fall. Which are pretty much polar opposites to the whole families of bunnies that will once again return in the spring.

Have I mentioned how much I love the location of our house??

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siteseer said...

last spring we had 26 in our back yard at lunchtime. There were 2 dusters ( white with black tipped wings). Gotta love living in the middle of the wild.