09 October 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I just totally blanked out on Jack's morning library story time for the second week in a row. Oops.

Hubby joined a gym yesterday. I'm going to check out the aerobics class schedule and maybe try it a few times with the two week trial I got...

I'm so, so sick of the elections. But sort of glad they're doing so much to support the postal system. Like mailing us multiples of all the annoying campaign flyers from each candidate...

I love sugary Halloween candy!! Today I've been munching on Mike & Ikes, and Cherry Heads. Only red or orange stuff, please. I'm very excited about the orange and white Nerds that make up the Halloween package.

I really hope hubby gets home from work a few minutes early tonight so I can go to the first parents-only Daisy meeting. I feel like I keep trying to get involved with stuff, but most of the parents are already clique-ey with other parents. Oh well.

My new Halloween Jewel Kade charm arrived today. And my new longer chain so I can wear more than one at a time. Yay!!

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