14 January 2024

Welcome to 2024

Well, it would appear that the tone from my 2022 Goals continued. I said I almost didn't do the list that year, and heck if I didn't just skip it for 2023. Working at least 40 hours/week and commuting to do it, then always rushing home to try and take care of the needs of my family has pretty much squeezed much thought of my own life right..on...out.

So here we are. I started on a book from a few years ago - The 52 Lists Project - which had me make a list of dreams and goals for the year in the first week. Blogging at least twice a month was on the list, since it would appear the only posts that made it up last year were books I reviewed that weren't specifically for Books I Think You Should Read

I was going to try and model this list after my previous goal lists (I used to list my goals, then in December take inventory and see what I had done or not done), but blech. After two years off, I'll just start fresh. 

  1. Blog twice/month. I kinda already said that one. I've specified previously that I'd like to do a few old-fashioned posts with something about life that isn't just books. Maybe ;)
  2. Since I sit in my office while I write this list, cleaning/reorganizing/redecorating my office always makes the list. Luckily a good chunk of the...stuff... in here is the old and current files of the Lake Orion Theater Boosters, as I am their current treasurer. This is my last year, so my term ends with the school year. After the spring musical, I'll wrap it up and get it ready to move out!
  3. Keep Yelping! I've been Yelp Elite for 16 years now (just got my notification for 2024 last week). While I don't take advantage of as many of the free events and perks as I used to, I still enjoy what I can do. With that said, I want to post at least two reviews/month on Yelp, and hopefully attend a few Elite events.
  4. Read! In 2023, my Goodreads goal was to read 65 books, and I finished 76! This year I am going for 75 books! Join me on Goodreads and follow along :)
  5. I'd like to get my hair cut and highlighted this year.
  6. Oh! I'd like to follow through with The 52 Lists Project I mentioned above. The second week sort of stumped me (characters I admire), but I'd like to get back to that one this evening and start the third week.
  7. I will open and use my For the Love of Dragons Oracle Deck. I purchased on a whim at the local crystal store a couple months ago, and it is still sitting next to my computer. 
  8. I did a great thing years ago, when I was still working a direct sales business, called five minutes before bed. It's an exact journaling format, essentially, where you list and reiterate your goal so your brain works on it overnight. I feel it really helped, and I should start it again. The woman who coached on it is Dana Wilde, who also wrote Train Your Brain. 
  9. 2023 was the first year in a while that I've made and sent holiday cards. With all the awesome pictures we got on our Disney vacation in November 2023, I definitely want to send cards again for the holidays in 2024.
  10. It's been on previous lists, but I still want to keep my nails painted. I did take a month or two off last year, for the first time since I stopped working in the school kitchens, but I'd like to keep it up again.
  11. One of my very favorite books last year was When Women Were Dragons by Kelly Barnhill. I want to get a dragon tattoo. 
  12. Drink more water. I had mostly quit caffeine before our Disney trip in November, but then I needed to keep up with my family so I was all in quickly! LOL Now I'm mostly done with it again. I do usually go to bed at a reasonable hour, so I should be able to make it through on my regular energy, I think. So I guess I mean that I'll drink more water in instead of caffeine.
  13. Appreciate that my life is pretty wonderful with or without accomplishing these goals (okay, I did steal that one from the previous goals lists ;)  )

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