24 June 2022

Five Things for Friday 6/24/22

  1. Welcome to another Friday! While part of me feels like summer is speeding by, another part of me is wondering why it has been this week  f o r e v e r. Enjoy one of my favorite comics/memes/why-do-we-need-labels as a tribute to one of my books finished this month :D
  2. Super excited to have Monday off. I was originally going to be taking Jack to his fabulous ninja camp, but they might not have enough kids to run it next week. So I'd have to sleep in. Hmm.... And I definitely get lunch in-person with my book club that is usually zoom - so a solid YAY there!
  3. My kids are so excited for the new Minions movie coming out next week! I think it sounds cool too, but they're more likely to find a ride and go see it while I'm working. Which is fine. I'm so tired after long days at work, I'd probably doze anyway. LOL
  4. Who else has big plans still left for summer? Maggie and I have a mega-baton competition, and both kids have one of our favorite summer camps - that's half of my July! Mostly I think I like summer for not having to worry about cold and bad roads...
  5. I did finish two book reviews up on the blog this week - check out what I thought of Keanu Reeves: Most Triumphant (2 out of 5 stars) by Alex Pappademas, and The Stranger Beside Me: The Ted Bundy Story (5 out of 5 stars) by Ann Rule.

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