11 March 2022

Five Things for Friday - 3/11/22

  1.  Snow again? Umm... no one cleared this with me.
  2. As I'm probably mentioned, my department for work is counting down to a May 2 return-to-office. Yesterday my boss's boss popped in to our daily zoom meeting with some potentially good news about our schedule then. Nothing definite yet, but please keep your fingers crossed...
  3. We've got a super-fun weekend planned! The three who enjoy it are going skiing tomorrow, then tomorrow night we have tickets to Super Cross in Detroit, and Sunday we've finally got tickets to Dog Man: The Musical. Jack and I originally planned to skip school for a Dog Man Musical show in March or April 2020. Yeah, ya know how that went. He's been asking since then, and we're finally going to see the show on Sunday!
  4. Counting down the days to Spring Break! I'm taking three days off work that week, so the kids and I can embark on some local-ish adventures ;)
  5. While I've finished a few more books, I didn't get any reviews published. :O Watch this spot - I think I've got three to review on my blog, plus one I know is going up on Books I Think You Should Read next week. 

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Liz Parker said...

Thanks for the blog link! And right?! Re: snow. I was surprised to see some snow outside this morning, but it looks like a lot of it melted already in my front yard area.