09 December 2020

12 Days of Christmas - Day 9

The holidays can be all about something I'd like, but I don't want to spend the money on, right? I feel like I'm kind of at a crossroads, and the other night I was all ready to make a life-changing decision on an impulse. 

Which brings me to my next fun holiday wish-list item. I would love to go visit (via zoom) a psychic again. I did it a few times when I was younger, but with family obligations and kid stuff to take care of, it doesn't feel like a good use of my time or money anymore. But I would still like another opinion about the universe and my next life choices. ;)

A friend of mine knows the woman who is Intuitive You. Her regular videos are great - she seems pretty down to earth and uplifting. An hour reading with her (available in-person, via zoom, or via phone currently) is $120. I think it would be fun, and potentially enlightening, right? I would love a gift card for a reading from her.

The last time I saw a psychic was at a girls-night-out at my house with a mom's group before we moved. I asked about having another baby. She said I would have a son still. We found out I was pregnant a couple months later. I also asked her about a move we were considering within the next year. She said it would happen within six months, and she was right.

Have you ever visited a psychic? Have you wanted to? It's always been interesting for me.

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