08 December 2020

12 Days of Christmas - Day 8

While my job title has me spending lots of time in the kitchen, I actually do best with detailed instructions. I absolutely love making meals for my family from Home Chef or EveryPlate boxes (of ingredients with recipes) that we order. Some of these call for a pan to go from the stove to the oven, and I don't think any of my pans would be good for that. So I'll need a new pan or two. 

I checked out Slice of Kitchen's old article comparing some oven safe cookware, and liked the look of these two. They're kind of an unfair comparison, since one is a set and the other is an individual pan, but it is what it is. I'm admittedly a little intimidated by the seasoning required, and the weight of cast iron, but it just seems like a more solid option.

What is your experience with stove/oven cookware? Are these as good as the article makes them sound? How about tips for taking care of new cast iron (and of course I'll look over any instructions included with new cookware)?


Rebecca Jo said...

I NEED to get a cast iron skillet because they say it really helps with anemia - but the care of it freaks me out.

siteseer said...

I find I like an assortment. I have the copper pot for eggs, the cast for lots of browning functions, love my AmeriCraft for most everything and of course couldn’t live without my instapot. So looks like I’m all over the place.