10 December 2020

12 Days of Christmas - Day 10

I attended a fabulous Yelp online event the other day, and the rep from Old Forester was there helping us make an old-fashioned. I already knew I liked my bourbon, but he led us to a whole new site that created new wish list items for me!

These are all treats from Bourbon Barrel Foods, a recommended source especially for a few different flavors of bitters, and an excellent all-in-one old-fashioned syrup to use with your Old Forester bourbon. Yum!! Both of these fabulous items/collections are found at BourbonBarrelFoods.com > Cocktail > Old Forester Cocktail Provisions.

While I was provided with an adorable little dropper bottle of bitters for my cocktail yesterday, I couldn't get anything out of the bottle. It was supposed to be the smoked cinnamon bitters, which he recommended as being more holiday spirited. 

This collection has a bottle of their Bohemian Bitters, Smoked Cinnamon Bitters, and Hummingbird Bitters. The descriptions of each are delightful.
When using the bitters to make an old-fashioned, you'll also add a bit of sugar to your bourbon and ice first (then the bitters - I'm sure there's directions on the bottles).

Another option for your old-fashioned is to skip the sugar and bitters and just use this perfect old fashioned syrup. I lucked out on this - the rep who was with our party the other night mentioned that a small bottle of the syrup was the holiday add-on with a bottle of bourbon for cases shipped to Meijer and Kroger this holiday season. So as soon as our event ended, I got my butt to my local Meijer and was lucky enough to get the last bottle of Old Forester Bourbon with the Perfect Old Fashioned Syrup attached. Yay! 
It's delicious :)

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