04 December 2019

12 Days of Christmas - Day 4

This is a classic that has been on my list for YEARS. These fantastic cooling racks are about the same size as my baking sheets, but I only have one. My cookies and such are never cool enough to put away before the next sheet is done baking. Help!

The Pampered Chef designed these to actually be stackable, and I'd love to have a couple more (on sale now for $32 each) so I can stack them with the one I've already got.

A lot of things are on my list for a few years, then I finally buy them for myself. Somehow the cooling racks are something I crave most leading up to the holidays (prime baking time), and then never end up getting anyway. But I still want them!

So far this year I've only made some chocolate chip cookies, but oatmeal scotchies are the usual favorite around here. I also love the spritz cookies with the fancy lil cookie press. I got extra flour, sugar, brown sugar and butter at the grocery store this week - I'm just about ready to bake again!


Liz Parker said...

Looks useful if you like to bake! Did you sign up for the Yelp cookie event? I'm hoping to get in, I went a few years ago (also at a bowling alley, in Ferndale) and it was a lot of fun.

Rebecca Jo said...

I am so redneck on how I create cooling racks :) LOL