03 December 2019

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3

So if you read yesterday's post, you may have seen where I mentioned that I have only brown boots (and even those are a little rough for the wear). My black ones? The sole fell off at my first Halloween event this year. So sad! I really, really need new black boots. I've been filling in with tall pair of Doc Martens that I've had for like 30 years, but they're heavy, and take me a long time to lace up.

Something like these from Zappo's look perfect. My new boots should be black, leather, size 8.5, zip-up, and no measurable heel. I'd actually like a little texture to help me walk on ice/snow, but my old ones were smooth, so obviously I'd live ;)

My old ones were a holiday gift from hubs and Maggie wayyy back before Jack was born. I loved those old boots, and they lasted a good, long time. Now it's time for a new pair for the next 10 years or so, right?

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siteseer said...

Nice. If you don’t get them as a gift you should buy them anyway. You NEED them 😉