05 December 2019

12 Days of Christmas - Day 5

Every year I put a new hoodie sweatshirt or two on my list. I like being a little surprised with gifts, of course, even if I like giving specific ideas. Here are three different hoodie designs from SnorgTees that I thought looked fun. I think I'd wear a size L in any of these, and I like the colors they did their samples on. The prices seem to be changing pretty frequently, but they're usually $32 - $40 each.

Hoodies are seriously a mainstay of my fall/winter/early spring wardrobe. If you've read more than a couple posts on my blog - especially this time of year - you'll know I'm usually cold. Hoodies are one of my favorite snuggle accessories. 

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Rebecca Jo said...

I love fun graphic tees/ sweatshirts!!!