25 July 2019

Thankful Thursday - July 25, 2019

I'm having such a hard time carving out time to blog in coordination with inspiration this summer! Today I'm joining in the Thankful Thursday link-up, hosted at Knit By God's Hand with Rebecca Jo.

I am a strong believer in gratitude, and the idea that 'what you focus on, you find.' I first learned it as an '-ism' when I was in training at Quicken Loans years ago. Instead of a mission statement, they have their -isms. Obviously they made an impression on me. :)

This is our week for celebrating our daughter! Maggie turned 12 on Tuesday. I am SO thankful for her. She is smart and so fun to be around. I love how she helps around the house and with her brother. Her contributions are vital to our family (and my sanity!).

So we know she is awesome and fun, but through celebrating, I also got to go out for brunch and dinner on Tuesday, we got lunch and ice cream with a friend yesterday, and today she and I went to the mall to spend birthday gift cards.

She's fabulous, and celebrating a birthday is always a good time.

I am thankful for my favorite TV shows. Which sounds kind of odd if you know me - I really don't watch much TV! But I've been enjoying The Handmaid's Tale (just three more episodes left this season!), and I'm looking forward to the final season of Orange Is The New Black (which releases tomorrow on Netflix).

I'm really not into clothes and shoes too much, but I got these Tieks last year and I still love them. I'm thankful for shoes that make my feet feel like they're being hugged by a cow.

Last but not least, I'm grateful for a job that gives me summers off, and that I enjoy enough so I'm not dreading going back to work next month! Some recently compared summer to a weekend - June is Friday, July is Saturday, and August is Sunday. I'm not one to hate Mondays, or spend Sunday dreading the return to work ;)


Liz Parker said...

Happy birthday, Maggie!

I love Handmaid's Tale and I like OITNB a lot as well.

Terri D said...

I've always wondered about those Teiks. They are too expensive to be disappointed! Thanks for your visit today! I agree it is good to stop and remember what we are thankful for!

Mom Among Chaos said...

Do the Tieks make your feet sweat? Twelve is the age for us that both my girls started pushing away. Get your hugs and cuddle time in because it probably will be going away for a few years. They do come back around. ;)

Meditations in Motion said...

Awww...happy birthday to your daughter Maggie! She sounds like a sweet girl. I used to be a teacher (for over 30 years) and loved my summers "off" too! Enjoy the rest of your July and August!

Rebecca Jo said...

One more year till TEENAGER!!!! :)
There's only that many episodes left in Handmaid's Tale? I hate that - when you wait so long for the new season & there's so few episodes. DANG IT!
I need to try those shoes - I hear only good things about them!
Thanks for linking up with me!

The Non-Housewives said...

Well we have the same taste in TV! I love my tieks too, but they run a bit small!