19 July 2019

10 Random Things for Friday

It's a hot one! I think we'll actually have
some storms to break it up.

  1. Yup - it's supposed to be really hot today and this weekend. But you've heard me complain about the cold. The worst thing for me about the hot is everyone setting the air conditioner to a cold enough temp to make me want a sweater! LOL I may have a different opinion tomorrow...
  2. Tonight we're going to the Tastefest at Trenton, Michigan's 'Roar on the River.' Hubby is the new crew chief this year for a boat racing team. This weekend is his second race. The whole family is going down for dinner tonight. Races will be on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Has anyone gotten rid of an old appliance and gotten a check from Detroit Edison? I've heard it's $50 for any fridge, and I'll take it! Hahaha.... Our garage fridge just isn't getting the job done anymore. But things can never be simple - I want the one in the garage to go away, but then instead of putting a brand new one out there, I want to move the old one from our rental property, and let those ladies pick out a new fridge for the house. 
  4. I do love sleeping in for summer! While I love the structure (and income!) of my job during the school year, sleep is an excellent trade for being broke and unmotivated for a few months. But I'll be taking as many hours as I can once we're open again to try and get the most spending money possible for our Disney trip next spring.
  5. Did you watch the third season of Stranger Things? Last year we finally said the now 11-year-old was old enough to watch it (she doesn't scare too easily), so we all watched the third season together by binging two episodes each night for almost a week. We've been done for a week or so already, and I miss it! I keep singing the Neverending Story scene in my head...and sometimes out loud.
  6. We've got a creepy tiny nest in the handle of our doorwall. At first I said, "Oh, little black and white bees," but then when I googled 'little black and white bees,' it said BALD FACED WASPS. No, thank you. Any advice on helping these not-so-cute little buggers relocate without any collateral stings?
  7. So dinner is all done for the weekend! Tonight is our Tastefest adventure, and then hubby will  probably stay with the boat team til Monday. Summer gets so hard for meal planning! And while the longer days are really cool in a lot of ways, I'm tired before it's dark out, so when I want dinner, everyone else is still out doing stuff! I try to just have dinner ready as soon as hubby comes home from work, so he can eat and then just go do what he wants to for as long as he wants until bed. 
  8. Hubby and I were going to have a date night to Fogo de Chao in Troy way back in June (our birthdays are a day apart), but the youngest offspring ended up sick that day. We canceled our reservation, and now summer is so busy we haven't rescheduled. I'm starting to think it will be like our Christmas gift card that wasn't used for almost 18 months from when we received it. Hahaha....
  9. I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the guy with the boat my husband is crew chief for, and the time has come for them to start dying off. Am I the only one who really hates this part? I feel so hard - pulling some out, throwing them away.... as my lovely arrangement gets smaller and smaller. But they totally knew the way to my heart - I love taking care of flowers!
  10. Summer is essentially at least half over! Our schools don't go back for students until after labor day (although I have a meeting a week earlier). Those who go back earlier are past the half way mark til they're back to the daily grind. Are you a parent who is excited to send the kids out for six hours/day again? Or does the school year not really change your life? I know I say it all the time, but the beginning of the school year feels more like a new year to me than January ever does....

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Liz Parker said...

Make sure you sign up for Fogo's email list - they constantly are emailing me $15 off for lunch and $30 for dinner :).