12 December 2018

12 Days of Christmas - Day 12

What would a holiday wish list from me be without a hoodie?!?

I would love either of these in a large, in the charcoal gray color. I think the sloth one on the left or the Good Morning World on the right would be great :)

Hoodies are pretty much my comfy cozy go-to. I had to weed out a few of my old favorites as they got too worn in the last year or so, so I definitely need to add to my collection again.


siteseer said...

I’ve seen some shirts that I’m really drawn to. Next time it comes up I’ll tag you so you can see them. They can be made in shirts or hoodies.

Liz Parker said...

That "Good morning world" hoodie is funny. I like the sloth one too.

Nicolle said...

I’ve always been a hoodie girl. The boys got a sloth stuffed animal a few years ago and I think they would just love if I had that.

Ron Leyba said...

I want them both :) . I want them both in black colors though. :)