20 December 2018

Second Act - My Review

Last night, hubby and I were lucky enough to get screening tickets from Detroit Duchess and STX Entertainment to see Jennifer Lopez's new movie - Second Act!

I loved this movie! While it was admittedly not his usual style, hubby said he enjoyed it as well. Characters are always my favorite part of a movie, and I feel they can make or break even the most brilliant plot. This plot wasn't entirely original, but I didn't see the big twist coming at first. About halfway through, we saw where that storyline was going, and it was definitely a great feel-good development. I don't want to ruin it for you!

Jennifer Lopez was brilliant as always as the main character, Maya Vargas, and Leah Rimini was hilarious as her best friend, Joan. Milo Ventimiglia was definitely a dreamy leading man as Maya's boyfriend of five years, Trey. I love the combo of Chase (Alan Aisenberg) and Ariana (Charlyne Yi) as Maya's quirky and supportive co-workers. Last but not least on my list of noted performances is eight-year-old John James Cronin as Joan's son, although he admittedly had quite a potty-mouth on him. If bad language bugs you, he won't be on your list of amusing characters, but he was on mine.

The big issue with screenings for me is that your cell phone isn't allowed - my new style of movie watching generally involves at least a few minutes of cross-checking the cast on IMDB.com to see what else they've been in! LOL Had to wait til I got home for this one. After seeing him lots on TV in the last decade or so, this is the biggest movie role I remember for Milo Ventimiliglia - and kissing Jennifer Lopez, no less! Alan Aisenberg was also very recognizable to both of us, but we couldn't quite remember that he was a prison guard from Orange is the New Black.

Overall, I'd give Second Act a pretty high rating - let's say 4 out of 5 stars. I'm definitely a Jennifer Lopez fan, and I can absolutely see giving this one another watch once it's out on video. You should definitely take a fun afternoon and see it over the holiday break. Enjoy!


siteseer said...

Look forward to seeing it. I was telling someone the other night that I took a picture of Milo with Betty at Aunt Frans Birthday but I failed to get a picture of myself with him ...duh!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I think it looks cute. So you are one of those that must look at your phone in a movie theater huh?
I like Remini and JLo together when I see them in interviews. You can tell they are real friends.

Rachel said...

I saw a screening of this too. Weird thing is I was able to bring in my phone, which is unusual. It's a cute movie!!!

Becki said...

Rachel - they actually didn't check this time, but we'd already left them in the car. Margaret - I usually only see movies at home. ;)