28 December 2018

10 Random Things for Friday

The last Friday of 2018, and the least Friday of the year (since we've already been off of school and work for a full week...).

  1. I have to admit, I'm not complaining about the weather in Michigan today. 52 degrees?!? Hubs is pretty bummed that the ski hill is closed, but I'm not cold (mostly).
  2. I keep meaning to do a Christmas re-cap post. I may get to it yet. We're all happy and healthy, in a nutshell.
  3. We're dog-sitting til just after New Years. Hub's sister has left us their nervous black lab while they travel for the new year. The kids are thrilled, and I can do anything for a week, right?
  4. What do people do with their poinsettias after Christmas? I bought two from my daughter's choir fundraiser. We literally haven't had any company to see them displayed in our home, and now I'm supposed to get rid of them, right? No one keeps poinsettias year-round, do they?
  5. Have you watched The Marvelous Mrs Maisel? Hubby and I finished the second season last night. She's such a likeable character. Until I think about some of her choices. Why can't she just stop gabbing about other people? It seems to have caused her trouble at every turn. And I don't think I'm gonna agree with her next major choice either. But now I'll have to wait til season three is released to find out. It looks like that will be next winter (speculations say December 2019?).
  6. I'm really trying to pick up the pace on my reading to wrap up 2018. I'm more than 60% through The Designer (which I started on my old kindle and am finishing up on my new Kindle Paperwhite :D). If the rest of my family is really cooperative, I'd love to finish up one more book for the 6th grade battle of the books too.
  7. I need just a few groceries, but I'm dreading heading to the store. Everything just feels so frantic and confused, still. I hate the crowds, but don't have the extra cash right now to have someone else do the shopping for me. I may just wait and head out after bedtime again tonight. I do know today (Friday) will be way better than going tomorrow (Saturday). Wish me luck!
  8. My nails sure do look nice polished. I'm wearing a great dark shade called Twill Seeker from the Essie gel line. I tried a different Essie at the beginning of break, but it chipped in less than a day. That's not acceptable.
  9. We still have so. many. cookies left!! Please, come over and eat cookies. We've got decorated cut-out cookies, some spritz snowflakes, snickerdoodles, chocolate crinkle cookies, stained glass windows, lemon cookies, and caramel chocolate drizzle cookies. Plus a few fancy ones I got as gifts from co-workers to kick-off out holiday break. So. Many. Cookies.
  10. Hope you've got a few days away from work, and are enjoying them with friends and family who make you feel like 'enough.' You're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!


Liz Parker said...

I REALLY like Marvelous Mrs. Maisel but I agree with you in that her choices in that last episode are suspect...

Parents just got the X1 system by Xfinity so I hooked them up with my Prime password (I have Prime for a few months trial) and we've been watching MMM this week.

Aj @ Read All The Things! said...

Haha, that quote is so true. I have no idea what’s going on right now! I’m just blogging, eating, and watching movies. One year, my mom kept her poinsettias until spring and then planted them outside. I’m pretty sure they survived until the snow killed them in the fall.

Aj @ Read All The Things!