01 October 2018

Happy 7th Birthday Jack!!

So my baby is 7!!

Jack is so smart, and funny, and quirky, and true to himself. No one can tell Jack who he is or what he likes - he already knows. For a while last year, he thought he may have outgrown Thomas the Train - his favorite of many years! But summer break rekindled his love, and trains have taken over our house once again.

Jack has so many friends. He loves seeing familiar faces from last year and the year before, and reconnects like no time has passed. And he wants to be included in everyone else's friendships too - Maggie's friends and my friends become his friends as well in no time at all.

Jack's compassion has been known for far too long. Although it wasn't in the most recent year, he loves to recount the story of when he 'rescued the baby mice' (cracked open all the eggs in the refrigerator!).

I also love that Jack is so grateful for everything! He is constantly thanking people for things from gifts, to thoughtful words and gestures, to thanking his father and I just for feeding him - hahaha...

I'm so blessed and lucky at the caring, loving, funny boy Jack is growing into. Every day is a new adventure, and I'm so happy to be sharing it with him.


siteseer said...

Jack is amazing and I love him forever and always

Annsterw said...

Happy birthday Jack! He sounds like an amazing little man!!! Hugs

Jenn said...

I hope he enjoyed a happy birthday. Seven is such a fun age.

Liz Parker said...

Happy 7th birthday, Jack! Hope he's enjoying his Build-A-Bear toy from last time :P.