31 August 2018

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. School again, already?? I have three days left of vacation - and we plan on making the most of it!
  2. And in the midst of all this chaos, I'll also start planning lil man's birthday party. His birthday is October 1. We picked out the invites today. I figure I can wait a couple weeks to find some games and a cake on Pinterest. He loves the show Gravity Falls and wants it as the theme for an at home birthday party. With a cotton candy machine.
  3. I've tried a few boxes of Hello Fresh and enjoyed it, but tonight I'm making my first Home Chef meal. I'm deciding between the Steak & Corn Burrito Bowl or the Steak Bourguignon. Hubby is on his way out of town, so I'll ask him which one he wants less (cuz he's missing dinner tonight!).
  4. This is also the time of year that my flowers start suffering. Life gets so busy, I don't make time to mellow on the porch and water them like I do in spring and the lazy middle of summer.
  5. After ZOOMING through two books when I was home alone a couple weekends ago, I keep looking guiltily at the one that I'm not picking up at every free second. It's like I've used up my sitting-still-reading energy. Hahaha...
  6. The kids have a friend over today, and they keep dragging me to their 'competition' zones or bringing me pictures so I can judge all their stuffed animal pageants. I tried giving them each a prize for a different category, but that wasn't cutting it today. I have to pick a WINNER each time. They've promised me there will be no hurt feelings, and so far they've followed through....
  7. I'm looking forward to revitalizing my aquarium soon. I think the black-hair algae is gone, so now I just need to clean the slime off the sides again and I can add in more rocks and fish. Which both take money. C'mon, payday!
  8. That picture is a real rose by my front porch. I received four rose bushes as part of a promotion last year, and these beauties still bloom beautifully all summer long! I love em!
  9. I'm still secretly anxious that I won't recognize the kids in the lunch room next week, and they'll all get their feelings hurt when I have to ask their name to ring up their breakfasts. Ugh. I know I'll love being back once I get there, but I hate being nervous now.
  10. What's your favorite thing about fall, or going back to school? They seem almost the same to me...


Liz Parker said...

I like both Hello Fresh and Home Chef, the packaging is great on both (cough cough unlike Blue Apron cough cough). Let me know how your meals turn out! Next week and the week after I'm getting Home Chef :) and then I have Marley Spoon one week (they have a deal for $18 for two meals or 4 portions, great deal) and Hello Fresh for a few weeks after that. (I like to deal hop! lol)

Ashley said...

I always go in fits and starts with reading as well. What book do you have left to read? Maybe there will be a few nice cool evenings to enjoy reading out on your porch as autumn progresses.