30 August 2018

Happy September (Almost...)

There's something about September and back to school that feels more like a 'new year' than new years does to me, ya know?

This is the week I'm thinking about needing a new calendar to handle all of the new school year dates (through JUNE of next year, people!). And I'm sure I'll give in and get my next Erin Condren planner before October ends.

I also start setting new goals and planning how to meet them in September (and beyond). I'm going to drink more water, go to bed on time before I have to get up so early for work, and eat breakfast before work each morning. And I'll save part of my paychecks so the winter holidays don't sneak up on me like the end of summer and beginning of fall did.

I've got a son who will frequently need to head into my work with me before going to school (sorry, dude!) because my daughter will catch the bus before I even need to leave for work (which means she can't help her lil brother get on the bus in the morning). We've all got big changes for next week. Although some may think we should be using this week to prep andn practice for the reality of next week, instead we're just worrying about it now and we'll dive in with both feet next week.

It feels like we have a lot less changes to process for moving from 2018 to 2019, but moving to the 2018-2019 school year warrants more preparedness. Honestly, I even felt this way in those few years between finishing school for myself and getting kids into the educational system. My 17+ years of schooling gave me habits that are hard to break!

I think the newness is secretly part of why fall is my favorite season. I do love getting back to the structure of it all, probably as much as the crisp air and Halloween.

What's your favorite part of fall? I know it's less noticeable with a life not revolving around kids, but it's still hard to miss completely.


Ashley said...

Right now with an infant I'm not on the school schedule, and I've decided to back away from all my previous school-year-centric volunteering, but I still love September. It's the start of "Holiday Season" and fun decorations. I agree, though, that it is definitely a time when routines get shaken up. Maybe I'll try a planner this year...

Liz Parker said...

I forgot that most people go back to school the Tuesday after Labor Day until my parent friends started posting back to school pics on Facebook, actually. To me fall means football season and cider mills :).

Jenn said...

I think sometimes that there were real benefits in having my girls so far apart (12 years). I remember back to school time being stressful, I can't even image juggling two young ones at the same time. I bet organization really is key.