07 July 2017

Proven Winners Direct GIVEAWAY

There are some blogging opportunities I really look forward to each year, and I was so excited to be able to work with Proven Winners Direct again this year. You may remember last year that I received a beautiful DIY hanging basket that grew better than anything I've ever had, and was able to give one away as well.

This year I was thrilled to hear from them while working on planting some new bushes and re-doing our front porch area. They wanted to send me four gallon containers of the exclusive At Last roses. While we'd just planted butterfly bushes and coreopsis, I knew just where I wanted to add in some gorgeous roses. I considered sharing them with my mom, but after having torn up everything around our front porch at Mothers' Day, we had plenty of room.

It was almost instant gratification - within a week I had a huge box with holes in it placed gently on my favorite porch chair, and was grabbing my gloves to start planting these thorned beauties. Having flowers shipped always worries me, but Proven Winners Direct has it down. The box is super sturdy, and the gallon planters are safely divided from each other so everything looks like I could have carried it out of the nursery myself. I actually had to put in some effort tearing the box down so I didn't get all stabbed up with the thorns while trying to remove all four plants from the box. Then they had plastic carefully tied and taped across each pot so the soil stayed put during transit. Super impressive, and safely delivered.

These three pictures are my real At Last roses, and trust me, I'm no green thumb. I hurried to get my four plants in the ground before the rain came that day, and I've fertilized them a couple times, and tried to water every day. These flowers just keep coming! The corner with the three plants looks best first thing in the morning (when I'm not typically out to take a picture!), and the other one glows after getting the morning sun for a bit since it's at the other end of the porch.

Plant Details:

Top three reasons to grow At Last rose:
  • Combines fragrance and disease-resistance
  • Easy care: no spraying required, no need for fussy pruning.
  • Very long blooming, with flowers present from late spring through frost.

Garden Height:  30 - 36 Inches
Spread:  30 - 36 Inches
Light Requirement: Sun
Bloom Time:  Summer through Fall
Hardiness Zones:  5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a
Soil Fertility Requirement:  Average Soil
Water Category:  Average

Maintenance Notes: 
To keep it looking great, simply prune back by at least one third its total height each early spring, just as the new buds begin to emerge on the stems. Make your cut just above a thick, healthy bud, as these produce the most vigorous growth. It can also be fertilized at this time with a granular rose fertilizer.

The plant may be deadheaded if desired, but this is not required for continuous bloom.

Want a chance to win your own four gallon At Last roses before you can buy them in 2018? Those who win a rose bush should be willing to share what they will do with it (give it to a friend or an interesting landscape idea) by posting a photo using #atlastrose and tagging ‘Proven Winners Direct’ on Facebook. This will enter you for a chance to win more roses!
To enter, comment here with your favorite feature of the At Last roses! Please leave your email as well, as I need to be able to contact you for more information when I draw a random winner on Tuesday, July 11 at 9pm ET.

I received these gorgeous and fragrant roses in exchange for my unbiased review. 


Jenn said...

Oh now this is interesting. I love flowers, but they don't love me. I have what some people call a black thumb. I tend to kill everything I plant. But I really enjoy what neighbors plant and keep alive every year.

Crystal said...

Very pretty. I love the color. I have a few blogging things I can't wait for each year. I adore Salute to America and BloggyCon.

Kristen Kehrer said...

I like that they are the lots of blooms in one stem type so when one bud dies you aren't left with an empty stick. Pretty color too. (Krispen@hotmail.com)

siteseer said...

I love the easy care no spraying. Love fragrant roses.

Katie789 said...

Gorgeous! Would replace my dead one. LOL

Betsy M. said...

I love the color. Very pretty. bamoats@gmail.com

ajea said...

The long blooming period is definitely an attractive feature. Ajea@umich.edu

Melissa Storms said...

I love how long blooming these roses are.

Unknown said...

I love that its easy to care for no spraying required. 28amandahoffman@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I have a great spot for this AtLast Rose that would be amazing next to my Fountain Purple Grass in the garden. Love to share my reviews later on them. v.gaari@hotmail.com

1porkchop said...

I like that they are relatively low maintenance. We just bought our home, and the flower bed in front of the house leaves a lot to be desired. I worry that if I plant something it won't last, but these seem hearty and easy to maintain. emailoftim@aol.com

Nicolle said...

Love the easy care. This mama of 2 has no time for maintenance.

Becki said...

Entries are now closed :) I'll be contacting the winner via email shortly.

Unknown said...

I would love to have a few rose bushes to add some color to our backyard. My grandmother had rose bushes all around her home, and they always remind me of her. I love that the blooms will last from spring through frost.
Thanks for the chance to win.