08 April 2018

Stitch Fix - Fix #9

Whew! Now that I'm getting a Fix at the beginning of every month, I feel like I'm always supposed to be posting about one! Julia is my current  stylist, and she had this all sent to me at the beginning of March. Both of the kids got subscription clothing boxes in March as well, so you'll be seeing all of us in the next week :)

I also feel like I need to apologize for the pictures. I don't remember who took them this month, but I just downloaded them and I'm really not too happy. I hate when the darn doorknob shows on the bathroom doors behind me, and I think my eyes were closed in two out of three of the pictures on this post. I never look at them right then because I don't like pictures of myself, so I'm now way too lazy to go back and re-take them. Sorry.

This first item pictured is the Chaplin Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket in pink from 41 Hawthorn (cost $88). I loved the color, the style with all the pockets, and the fit, but I just kept a blue spring jacket last spring. I can't justify another one for almost $100. If I'd gotten this one first, or both at the same time (which would have been silly), I'd have kept this one, but the blue one is a year old in my closet, so it stays, and the pink one has gone back to StitchFix.

Next up is the Rylynn Camo Crewneck Knit Top from Olive & Oak (cost $54), with the Carolyn Legging in black from Liverpool (cost $79). Neither of them was striking enough to justify the cost. I had asked for leggings to go with a dress I got in an earlier fix (oops, doesn't seem to be posted on my blog!), and that was what Julia had in mind for these leggings, but the dress was a super-dark navy blue, and the leggings are black. I very seldom wear black with blue (other than denim), and I have plain black leggings already that cost much less. The shirt here was okay, but nothing I really loved about it. They both went back.

But don't worry - this Fix does have a happy ending!

While I think my eyes are closed again, this was my favorite outfit from this Fix, and I've already worn it several times. This is the Boylen Flap Pocket Button Down Shirt in blue (cost $68) and the Dayna Distressed Skinny Jean (cost $88), both from Kut from the Kloth. The jeans are the perfect skinnies, that feel snug but not uncomfortable when I put them on. They also reach all the way to my feet, which at 5'8" tall, I love! And the shirt is a super soft flannel. The sleeves can be snapped up, but spring has not arrived in Michigan yet. The snaps that close the front of the shirt are also a unique feature instead of buttons. Both pieces are comfortable and flattering, so I kept them.

You see how much fun I have with StitchFix each month - why haven't you tried it? OR, what's been your favorite thing to get? You can try it here and we both get a bonus! As a thank-you, your $20 styling fee is waived on your first box, so there's really no risk!


siteseer said...

Oops. The pants you kept have a cut on them 😉 is it too late to send them back? All very cute.

Liz Parker said...

I'm glad you kept the last outfit here :) the shirt is a very Becki shirt IMO. I like the colors too.

amberstarr82 said...

Loving those skinny jeans and that anorak jacket! I keep thinking about trying Stitch Fix but can't commit!

Ron Leyba said...

Stitch Fix is amazing. How I wish I can subscribe at their program too!