13 April 2018

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Yesterday we had a glimpse of nicer weather. Today isn't bitter cold, but the sun is already hiding, and it certainly isn't as nice as yesterday. I need something nicer. Really.
  2. On a brighter note, today is pizza and a movie day at our house! The kids don't know it yet, but when we head out in a bit, I plan to buy The Greatest Showman on our way to picking up pizza
  3. I got another category added to my job at the school. I can now act as a substitute for any of the people who supervise the kids in the lunchroom and at recess. The office lady literally said, "Since you're always here anyway." LOL
  4. This has seriously been the longest week. And I'm afraid next week will FLY by, since we're driving to New Jersey at the end of the week for a baton competition. 
  5. I keep trying to get this post done, but I keep getting caught up in Pitch Perfect 2, since my daughter is watching it in the other room, directly in my line of sight....
  6. I finally got the kids to agree to leave in five minutes. Don't hold your breath.
  7. I got to go to my first mini food show this week. It was sort of like a lunch lady convention. I didn't even know there was such a thing! We had a key note speaker about nutrition, then walked through a bunch of vendors with cafeteria food they wanted us to buy for our kitchens (and TONS of samples!), then another speaker (that we missed, because the vendors were too crowded), and then a whole bunch of door prizes. We didn't win anything, which was kind of surprising since there were so many prizes, but we did get our big ole insulated bag of samples. The kids and I will be taste-testing all weekend.
  8. Did I tell you I almost gave up Cherry Coke? I was down to one every few days (just to avoid the headache) but my eye twitch was still pretty rampant. So I ended my misery and am back to one can each day. Or so.
  9. We had a wonderful night out for dinner the day before hubs left for his race. It was kids' night at Buffalo Wild Wings, and they drew for toy winners shortly after we arrived. Jack was super devastated to not win. A few tears were shed, and I comforted him before dinner arrived. A little while later, a little boy from a table near us came over, holding the toy he had won. He and his dad said they wanted Jack to have the toy! They insisted the boy already had a bunch of similar toys from his grandparents. Jack was so happy. We chatted for a few minutes, and the boys' conversation came around to video games. As they were leaving, Jack whispered in my ear, "We should buy him a Nintendo Switch game on payday!" Very sweet, probably not. Hahaha....
  10. Hope you have a great weekend, and your weather only gets warmer!! (You know, unless it's too warm already...) 


Jenn said...

I was hooked on Diet Coke for over 20 years. I gave it up many times, and ended up going back to it. I would start with one can a day and then months later would be back to five. I finally gave it up about 15 months ago, but I have days I really, really miss it.

One Momma Saving Money said...

Our weather got warm today! Up to 75 degrees, but now they are forecasting snow on Monday! Hang in there!

GeekDad248 said...

The girls soccer team I'm coaching was supposed to have its first game today but it got rained out. We just can't get some nice weather this spring in Michigan can we. My kids have been asking for a Nintendo Switch too but we already have a PS4 and Xbox One so I'm not going to buy yet one more gaming system for our house. Plus haven't seen the price come down though its been out a few years now and the Nintendo PR folks were actually some real jerks to us so don't have much incentive to spend money with that company right now.