03 January 2018

2017 - Goals Recap

Well. I don't think 2017 was as productive as far as my goals list goes. I think my 2018 goals will look much different, but I'll need to process through this first.

But for now, here's how I did on my 2017 goals :)

  1. Establish educational savings accounts for both kids. Yeah, really. Fourth year on the list. And I actually think about it frequently... Can I finally give myself partial credit? I did look before the end of the year, but I think I was at the wrong site as it wanted $500+ deposits..
  2. Re-read and practice Train Your Brain by Dana Wilde. This may or may not include starting 10 Minutes Before Bed again. I did bits and pieces of this a couple times, but never all the way through.
  3. Bake regularly. Regularly??
  4. Do a weekly Perfectly Posh face mask and post about it (on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or here. Not necessarily all at once). Weekly? Post??
  5. Yell less.  Really tried this. I'll give it a win :)
  6. Clean and organize Maggie's and Jack's rooms. Ugh. Ongoing.
  7. Do a counted cross-stitch project. Sounds fun...
  8. Make more cards. I may have done this for a bit in spring...
  9. Redo master bathroom shower. Not yet.
  10. Wash my vehicle at least monthly. Hahahahaha... 
  11. Add 10 frontline consultants to my Perfectly Posh team.  Not even close.
  12. Start doing anniversary recognition for my Perfectly Posh team. Nope.
  13. Order check-box recognition cards for my Perfectly Posh business. These turned out super cute. :)
  14. Grow my Perfectly Posh Facebook VIP Group to 75 members. Up to 61!
  15. Drink at least four glasses of water daily, on a regular basis. Nah.
  16. Learn to french braid my hair and Maggie's. Kind of faked it a couple times..
  17. Set up my Erin Condren notebook as a recipe book. Bought the stuff and got the plan..
  18. Complete at least 50 Yelp reviews. 31! That's more than halfway to my goal.
  19. Get back wall and new deck finished. Back wall - done! Deck? Not-so-much.
  20. Feed birds through the winter.
  21. Put hanging flower baskets at front porch for summer.
  22. See Pitch Perfect 3! Release got pushed to late December, so we just haven't made it yet.
  23. Continue unpacking office boxes from the basement. 
  24. Score for Pearson. 
  25. Work elections. I don't think there were any for me to work in 2017!
  26. Blog regularly.
  27. Get fitted for new bras.
  28. Consistently menu-plan.
  29. Walk regularly when it's warm outside.
  30. Stay active with Close to My Heart crafting biz.
  31. Do hardwood floors for another room upstairs.
  32. Paint the living room.
  33. Read more books. The reading challenge posts show 20 in 2017, vs 17 in 2016. And I've read more than those 20, since I've done some to review on BooksIThinkYouShouldRead.
  34. See at least six movies in the theater. I need to give these their own tag this year - I'm not sure if I got to six or not!
  35. Do the 52 week savings challenge (yup - starting late on that too...) for holiday shopping at the end of the year. Didn't happen for 2017, but prepping for 2018. 
  36. Purchase regularly from other direct sales friends. Regularly?
  37. Redo blog layout.
  38. Send regular happy mail.
  39. Ask more questions.
  40. Work on scrapbooks.
  41. Keep stock of pink envelopes so I'm always ready to mail out prizes, samples, and happy mail.
  42. Burn more candles.
  43. Earn Silver Pool for Perfectly Posh.
  44. Update the kids' bedroom doors (currently still decorated from Valentine's Day, 2014, I think).
  45. Use up all the box mixes of foods and desserts that I have from several different direct sales businesses. I love going to the parties, but then forget why I bought stuff! Hahaha... In process!
  46. Attend Perfectly Posh UnCon in August, and the leadership days right before this. Changed my mind at the last minute and didn't go.
  47. Pick a mantra and make it prominent - in my office, on my phone, in my truck...
  48. Appreciate that my life is pretty wonderful with or without these goals accomplished.
  49. Believe in my ability to complete these goals.
  50. Complete the 2018 list a little earlier in the year. Hahaha... I think I'm on track for this! LOL
Whoa. 12 completed out of 50. That doesn't sound good, but I still feel like I successfully survived 2017. And now I'll put a bit of thought into what goals I want on this list for 2018. Stay tuned!


Liz Parker said...

You completed almost 20% so that's not bad :) you can push the rest to this year, lol.

Jennifer said...

Yearly resolutions and goals are SO hard to complete. Kudos to you on completing all that you did! I'm trying to learn that it's better to look at what we DO accomplish rather than what we DON'T accomplish. Progress, not perfection. Wishing you a very productive (and joy-filled 2018)! :)