22 December 2017

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Everyone sufficiently stressed out about the holidays yet? Just a couple days left!
  2. I wish I had ordered some ColorStreet nail polish strips. I was gonna get the holiday ones when they came out, then I got a job where I'm not allowed to have polished nails. Now I'm off for two weeks and can't find enough time to polish my nails and have them dry. #FirstWorldProblems 
  3. I'm relatively happy with my pace the last couple days. Wednesday was CRAZY at work (and volunteering right after) so we went to bed early. Yesterday we saw a movie and did a bunch more relaxing. Today I've got some dough chilling to do cut-out cookies tomorrow, and planning another batch of spritz cookies after swimming tonight... And the laundry just does itself, right?
  4. Yes! We saw Ferdinand yesterday. I daresay it may have been more enjoyable without Jack asking for more food and/or drink, or then just asking to leave when I told him the treats were gone. But I did enjoy it. I think some of the story line was a little complex for a six-year-old. The action scenes were really hilarious though.
  5. Pitch Perfect 3 came out today!!! The older kid and I really want to see it. Hopefully we'll make time over break. 
  6. I'm so ready for the days to start getting longer! It's dark already. I'd say it's not acceptable, but what can anyone do, really?
  7. Oh, and I started my new job! I'm the breakfast lady at my kids' school. It's a lot like the lunch lady (and I'll learn to cover lunches too), but earlier, and a shorter shift. It's been a couple weeks, and I'm really liking it so far. The holidays wasn't the best time to start though - I think my first 'full' paycheck will be in February. Well, unless that overlaps with my vacation. Hahaha...
  8. Although I've only been getting up for the new job for a couple weeks, I'm really enjoying sleeping in again. Yay for break, even if it doesn't pay.
  9. What's your favorite Christmas cookie? So far I've made Crockpot Crack, spritz cookies (love the challenge of the cookie press!), and the sugar cookies are in process, to be cut/baked and frosted tomorrow.  
  10. There are still some great deals (but no delivery for Christmas, obvs) on my website at PoshBecki.com  Don't forget to pamper yourself for the holidays!


Liz Parker said...

I want to see PP3 too but the reviews are brutal, lol ... I have MoviePass so I'll probably see it by myself at some point. And I don't have a favorite Christmas cookie! All cookies are good. :P

Rachel said...

Congrats on the new job - breakfast lady. I’m not sure I have a favorite cookie. I like snickerdoodles a lot. Merry Christmas, Becki.

Mom Among Chaos said...

Getting up early is not easy. I went to bed last night at 8 and I'm back up today my day to sleep in at 4:30. LOL! Congrats on the job!