10 December 2017

My Holiday Wish List - Day 10

 I think these are also something on my list each year. As much as I don't like the cold, I do enjoy keeping my bird feeders filled up and watching my little bird friends. I currently have two shepherd's hooks that can each hold two feeders. And I have two feeders. So I need more feeders! LOL

I love the wooden ones, and will be excited to see who comes to feed on the suet block things on the sides instead of all the wild bird seed I usually put out in the other feeders.

I also think this feeder that sticks to the window would be so much fun for me to get a close look at them, and for the cat to try and make friends. Hahahaha....

No links this time, as I'm really not too picky on specifics. But while you're at it, I always need wild bird seed, and if I get a feeder that uses them, the suet blocks.

Remind me again in the spring - I read that we're usually on a oriole path as well, and I don't have the right type of feeder for them. I'm pretty sure they like fresh fruit and sweet stuff to nibble on, and then they'll sing as the snow leaves and spring comes in!

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