09 December 2017

My Holiday Wish List - Day 9

While I feel a little grumpy adding these to my wish list, I need them. So here they go. I just started a new job at the school, and I've got a uniform/dress code. I have to wear the shirt required, with khaki or black pants, and black or white no-slip shoes. So once I got my start date, I had one whopping day to get ready for work. Target had a pair of pants to get me through, and I've just been wearing them every day. Ew? Maybe a little, but I only work two hours a day, so they have a lot of air out time. LOL

I'd like to get some more suitable pants so I can, you know, change pants some days. These from Old Navy look great, in either the light brown shades or the black, in a size 10 tall (love the talls, then I can worry less about them shrinking if I wash and dry in a hurry).

I have no idea what brand the ones I already got are. Luckily I like them, as I didn't have a lot of option when I had to buy them in a hurry. I laughed in the fitting room, since all the Target associates are required to wear a similar outfit. I asked them on my way out where else to look and they said besides Target, they often get them at Old Navy. Good tip, my fellow khaki-wearing friends.

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