11 December 2017

My Holiday Wish List - Day 11

I know I already listed work khakis, but I also only have two pair of non-jeggings jeans. I'd love another pair of Kut from the Kloth jeans, in a size 8. These are super cute, but their description says skinnies. I was sold by the cute flowers, but I really like their boyfriend style best.

What jeans have you found that you like? I'm not at all style conscious, and I certainly don't update my wardrobe regularly, so I need some plain-jane, old reliable sort of jeans. I have no booty to speak of, so don't show me anything 'curvy.' LOL

I do like the jeggings I wear regularly with sandals (in summer) or boots (the rest of the year), but I need to wear my white non-slip shoes to work, so when I'm faced with a week and a half of being allowed to wear jeans to work, I need another pair in my collection. And I'm sure they'd get wear out of work too.

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