20 October 2017

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Welcome to total catch-up day! I've been gone all week and didn't even take my laptop with me. :O
  2. Is your company as awesome as mine? From Monday morning til yesterday evening, I was on a most-expenses paid (all but one lunch and one dinner...) paid trip to Las Vegas! We had lots of exciting training, a super-fun bowling night, and all the amenities at the Red Rock Resort. On top of that, I also earned another free dinner and a trip to the Cirque de Soleil show - O at the Bellagio. Thank you, Posh!!
  3. Fall looks like it's finally rolling in. The leaves have been changing colors for a couple weeks now, and the temperatures are starting to cool. Luckily for me they're cooling slowly. I can handle 60 degrees, but I know colder is coming soon.
  4. Just three days left on my Noodles & Co giveaway!
  5. I still love Cherry Coke. It's been true to me for so long. And I was super relieved in my totally exhausted travel state to be able to get a bottle of it at O'Hare airport during a layover.
  6. I'm still feeling a-buzz with all of the motivation and inspiration from my sales conference this week. If you have a chance to go to a sales rah-rah meeting, do it! 
  7. I absolutely had to take a shower after traveling all day yesterday (doesn't everyone??) and thought that would save me some 'getting ready' time this morning. But now I can't shake the morning chill. Back to another hot shower for me!
  8. Have you checked out my guest posts lately on Books I Think You Should Read and Mom Among Chaos? I love the blogging community :) 
  9. Only one week til the baton twirling competition season starts for us! Next week you'll find me bent over my kitchen table individually gluing Swarovski crystals to my daughter's new costume.
  10. With all the catching up to do, this is definitely the Monday-est Friday ever! I'll be switching over to event prep soon... super excited to be in SE Michigan and sharing Perfectly Posh in Livonia tomorrow!


Liz Parker said...

I've never heard of a "most expenses paid" trip, haha - but anything paid is good!

Thanks for the shoutout to my blog :) and thanks again for the guest review. I've also had my parents entering your Noodles giveaway, we love Noodles & Co.

Mom Among Chaos said...

Your tripped looked amazing. I may have been slightly jealous!!! ;) Yes, go check out the post on Mom Among Chaos!!!!

Rachel said...

Looks like a great trip. Congrats on earning it!! Yep, after this weekend our temps will change and it will be more like fall. I've sure enjoyed the warmer temps.

Unknown said...

Still love the cherry coke too, but, I have to admit those fountain drink machines like the ones at Noodle and Co. make it so much better, IMO. I would be drinking a lot more pop if those devices were more popular.

DetroitDuchess said...

I've never heard of Posh before, I'll have to check back to hear more about your venture. I love Vegas!