03 February 2017

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Another Friday. LOL Somehow yesterday felt pretty Friday-ish, but I still had to get my daughter up and send her to school one more day this week.
  2. Considering getting my nails done again. Primarily because I can't pick at things with 'thicker' nails. But also because they look nicer then.
  3. Everything feels a little off-kilter today. Most of my work hours are spent on my Perfectly Posh business, and today they're updating the websites for our new spring/summer products. So the websites are down all day. And I feel sort of like my arm has been chopped off without my website. Be sure and check out all the new stuff, you know, late Friday night or on Saturday ;)
  4. In other news, I should have no problem running out for the few groceries I forgot, cleaning the bathrooms, AND finally defeating level 1207 in Candy Crush. Goals, right?
  5. This wouldn't be my blog if I didn't tell you I'm cold, right? 
  6. Also on my to-do list is filling out two more baton competition entry forms for my daughter. Here comes competition season! Somehow it doesn't feel as busy as last year did. I think I've also given myself a lot more forgiveness to just stay home in the winter. Life in general has become less frantic this way.
  7. I don't think life was that much 'simpler' years ago, I think we were responsible for much less of it. So of course looking back we had less to worry about then - we haven't always taken on so many roles in different stages of our life.
  8. It's another PJ Masks day here. I like this way better than the random YouTube toy reviews. I mean, yes, he's watching PJ Masks toy reviews, but it's not as annoying as all those dollar bags of stuff (which of course, are no longer a dollar, but more like $2.50 or $3).
  9. We've got a birthday party tomorrow, but I think a whole lotta nothing on Sunday. What's your weekend look like?
  10. I'm proud to say my office is still functionally clean, and I enjoy working here. There's a pile of papers on the desk that could use some going through, but the rest of things seem to stay in their place...


Erin said...

Are you planning to watch the Super Bowl? That could fill up a chunk of your Sunday. :) I'm planning on getting some work done for my blog this weekend, but I'll also be making time to be social. Hoping to meet a friend for dinner tonight, date night tomorrow, and a Super Bowl watch party with good friends on Sunday evening. Should be a fun and productive weekend! Hope you enjoy the birthday party and the rest of your weekend, too!

Christina Strickland said...

Thanks for sharing your list. Reminds me to create mine too!