19 September 2016

Maggie's KidPik Box - August 2016

Hello KidPik! Still not sure on the schedule, but we always love an email saying a box is on its way, and I optimistically crossed 'clothes shopping' off of our get-ready-for-school list when the magical email came. :) This time, it worked out for me.

After loving a maxi skirt she got this summer, Maggie was excited to see this 'Ditsy Floral Tier Skirt'  in scarlet (regular retail $22.50). For her, it looks like her beloved maxi, but the lining makes it a bit more suitable for fall and winter wear.

We paired it with the 'Rhinestone Dolman Tee' in KidPik Navy (regular retail $10.50). It matched well, and she's already worn the shirt with jeans as well.

In the picture on the top right, you can also see the 'Flower Ballet Toe Cap with Bow Kids' shoe in navy (regular retail $19.50). While she really liked the look of this shoe, she said it was 'scratchy' at the back on one shoe. After trying on the rest of the box, we figured out it was cheaper to take the shoes straight to the resale shop than to send them back. And oddly enough, she picked out a very similar, but comfortable, pair of ballet flats there.

Maggie immediately declared that this 'Suede Pleather Dress' in chili pepper (regular retail $26.50) will be her Christmas dress this year. It fits great and is flattering, and she's right about the color - it's a very holiday-type red.
I suggested to her that it would also be adorable dressed down a bit with a denim jacket, and she loved the idea. We don't do a lot of really dressy stuff for the holidays, so we may actually combine her original idea with my warmer styling modification.

The 'Rhinestone Bracelet' in KidPik navy (regular retail $4.50) is very sparkly, and similar to the white one she got in a previous fix.
With 30% off by purchasing the whole box of all items, and jewelry for less than $5, it becomes ridiculous to send something with such a low retail value back!

Last but not least was the 'Classic Girl Rouched Tee' in light heather grey (regular retail $19.50), which we paired with the 'Straight Jean' in a lapis wash (regular retail $15.50).
She loved them both. I was glad, because she's had a hard time finding comfortable jeans lately and usually prefers leggings. This outfit had something for either option. The shirt is long enough to cover her tushy, but the rouching makes it look a bit more fitted than just another tunic.

Overall, it was a great box and really got Maggie ready for the new school year. We 'officially' kept everything for a grand total of $82.95 after the 30% discount for keeping it all. We took the uncomfortable shoes straight to the resale shop, but she has plans to wear the rest.

We were also pleasantly surprised that for the first time of our three boxes, she got a little beaded bracelet that says KidPik as her freebie, instead of more appliques. In all honestly, I don't know where the appliques are going, but they aren't getting sewn on by me. ;)

We would still recommend KidPik for school-age girl shopping.  Maggie is now nine-years-old and in fourth grade. She is so excited every time we get another box of new clothes delivered for her to model, so we can decide in the comfort of our home what will stay and what will go.

We can't wait for our winter box!


Rachel said...

These all look so cute on her! I'm glad this box worked out!

Jenn said...

Great delivery. They look fabulous on her. Looks like a perfect fit.

Mom Among Chaos said...

Keira received that red dress. It's so soft! She also received that bracelet. We ended up keeping the entire box.

Bree said...

Such cute stuff! I really like that first skirt.