09 September 2016

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. The first week of school is so LONNGGG. Even with only three-and-a-half days of school. Ugh
  2. While fall, and then spring, are my favorite holidays, I really wish the weather would just get to the right season, then stay there. This hot, cold, rain, cold, hot...crap! My head just pounds and I fill up on the sinus meds and ibuprofen til it all evens out. And then I can forget all my troubles and enjoy fall, right?
  3. Well, dangit. I just now realized that I put the kids to bed on time last night so I could eat the last Klondike bar, and then I forgot to eat the last Klondike bar. So now I want it, but the four-year-old won't let me eat it in front of him, obvs. So sorry about Friday night, kids, but ya'll are going to bed on time again tonight :D
  4. So. Said four-year-old is super excited to start school on Monday. But he's decided he should be stark nekkid at home today. I think school may be an adjustment. LOL
  5. How much do you think Cookie Swirl C makes off those crazy YouTube toy reviews and such? Huh.
  6. I was excited to find out yesterday that Healthy Moms Magazine listed my blog on their 100 Best Humor Blogs list! Woo-hoo!! Someone might be reading besides my mom? :P
  7. Do you like to make cards or be a little crafty with your kids? Check out this awesome set from Close to My Heart. It's the stuff to make adorable little cards, and a case to carry them all in while you make them and once they're done, for $46.95 (for a limited time). The only other thing you'd need is adhesive. A lot of sets are just the cards, but this is the cards, pre-cut circles, stamps, ink, adorable printed paper for the card bases, and the plastic case (that I admitted use for something else, but LOVE IT!).
  8. Maybe writing it down will help  me remember... my daughter really wants to check out the Renaissance Festival this year. I haven't been in years, but always enjoyed it when I went. Not sure how much my younger guy will like it, but I don't usually get away without him often, so we'll adjust ;)
  9. I feel like I forgot so much about preschool since my older one was there years ago. Then, I was preggo with #2, so that may explain some of the forgetfulness.
  10. JUST found out about a super-rare special with Perfectly Posh! They put the starter kit on sale for just $50!! That's $250 worth of products and business supplies. What a deal!! It's for 24 hours only, so if you have questions or are interested, now is the time to take action! My contact info is on my website, as well as an overview of everything you get! Act by September 10 at NOON ET.


Liz Parker said...

Why can't you eat the Klondike bar in front of your 4-year-old? Will he/she then want one? :)

This week has seemed VERY long to me too, it really should not have because I got Monday off of work! Sigh. Oh well. TGIF!

Becki said...

Yup - turns out when you teach him to 'share,' he thinks you should too! LOL

Mom Among Chaos said...

The first week of school was so long. My ten-year-old had so many meltdowns from being tired. Cheers to the first week down!

Cascia Talbert said...

I can't eat treats in front of my kids either. I feel guilty if I do that. Have a great weekend!