28 June 2016

Maggie's KidPik Box - June 2016

Maybe I'm missing something on the KidPik website, but I really don't get their scheduling. It may be a result of the massive number of signups, or my flightiness, but I was a bit confused on when I should expect another box. I didn't know if our April box was spring or summer, but the clothes seemed summer-ish for Michigan, so I thought we may be done til fall. Color me pleasantly surprised when I got an email that her next box would be arriving June 22!

Maggie, of course, loved more of it than I did, but we reached a nice compromise. Here the Lace Pocket Hoodie is shown, which she thought was fabulous. It was a cute jacket, and the lace detail on the pockets was unique, but it is definitely summer in Michigan now (ignore the fact that it's suddenly 65-degrees today). I opted to send back this cute jacket that had a retail price (vs the keep all price) of $22.50.

Her modeling of the next outfit also highlighted several pieces in the box. The shirt she's wearing is the Friendship T (retail price $12.50), with pictures of laid out friendship bracelets on it. The shorts are the Super Soft Short in Button Blue (retail price $12.50). They looked great, but she said they weren't very comfortable. She's also wearing the Melvie Braided Sandal (retail price $17.50). At first she thought they were actually too small, but then she wiggled around a bit and said they fit, but again weren't very comfortable. Back it all goes!

The little inset on the right was definitely a keeper, though. She loved the Studded Wrap Bracelet in White (retail price $4.50). It is a long strip of several strands of white with lots of bling on it and snaps together. She loves it and has already worn it out a couple times.

The shorts and shoes in this picture are the same ones we already said we sent back earlier.

The tank, however, is the VNeck Tank in White (retail price $8.50) and we kept it! The fabric is soft and comfy, and the back detail was super cute. I also like that the length is a little longer so her tummy stays covered. We'll see how long the white lasts, but maybe we can just tie-dye it at the end of summer. LOL

This Chevron Maxi Dress (retail price $27.50) was Maggie's favorite item in the box. I thought it might look a little big on her, but then I realized the straps are adjustable when I went to cut the tags off. Either way, how can I deny that smile? ;)

Overall, we kept three items (dress, tank top, and bracelet) while sending back sandals, shorts, a jacket, and a shirt. Our cost out of pocket was $40.50.

Remember, with KidPik if you choose to keep all of the items, you get 30% off of it all. And we still got our cute lil bag with three appliques as well. A nice perk, but not one I've been actually using so far. Thanks, KidPik!

Let us know about your KidPik boxes, and check out our previous box here.


Rachel said...

That dress and white tank are super cute. She makes a great model!

Mrs. Weber said...

Cute! That dress IS adorable on her! Also love your idea of tie-dying white items after their stained...Genius :)

Ron Leyba said...

How I wish KidPik boxes are available at my location too. My daughter will surely love it!

Unknown said...

Aww, how sweet. She looks like she is happy!