17 June 2016

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. If only all the posts I composed in my head while I showered could actually show up here....
  2. So glad the weather is finally warm. Mostly. Except when it inexplicably drops to 60 degrees and I start dressing like there's a blizzard afoot.
  3. You know you're busy when you don't have time to open your planner for a few days...How can I get anything done if I don't even see what I'm supposed to be doing??
  4. I'm trying to enjoy re-reading The Scarlet Letter, but it's hard when I know that Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs is waiting for me.. See, I finally reached the top of the waiting list to read Library of Souls on my Kindle back in February. But I accidentally logged onto my mom's computer, and checked it out to HER through her Amazon. So now my wait has finally ended again, but I don't want to not finish The Scarlet Letter. Ugh!!
  5. I think I may be ready for real glasses soon. My readers just aren't comfortable for how often I wear them. And I keep almost crashing into things when I forget I'm wearing them and start trying to move around the house.
  6. So glad today was the last day of school! My kids do not seem motivated to go to bed, even though it's already a half hour past their regular bedtime. And I don't care (much)! LOL
  7. The worst part of the last week of school? Lots of half-movies. Yesterday they watched the first half of Zootopia in art class. No problem - it was our DVD and we've watched it hundreds of times. Today? They watched the first half of Sky High in music class. But now my daughter NEEDS to know how it ends! Hahaha...
  8. I am so ready for summer break! And I don't even go to school! LOL
  9. I took a couple days away from the computer (more or less) this week. Of course I have to check in periodically to keep on top of my jobs, but I mostly just shut the lid and worked on some of the most adorable cards! I still have some stamping and assembly to do, but I'm very happy with the sense of accomplishment I got by finishing this far. Next week I'll take some time to wrap them up. And take pictures!
  10. I really, really like Bottle Caps candy. The texture is just right, and the root beer ones are the very best. The orange ones (that taste curiously like old baby aspirin) are also pretty darn good. What's your favorite candy?

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