18 April 2016

Maggie's KidPik Box - April 2016


Rumor has it, KidPik was inundated at their launch with box requests. We signed up in early March, and my daughter started asking for her box about two days later.

Fast forward to the second week of April, and her box arrived - and it was worth the wait!

She wanted to love it all - and we got pretty close. KidPik was also very true to their word - they emailed at the end of March apologizing for the wait, and promising us something extra in the box. While Maggie was hoping for a Kindle (HA!), she really likes the extra shirt that was in for the wait. While it's our first box and I can't be sure, there was also a cute bag with three iron-ons that looks like it's their 'regular' bonus for the kids.

Let's see the outfits!

This was our favorite outfit from everything. The Gingham Tie Front Shirt (regular price $15.50) was super-cute, and absolutely Maggie's style. I'm hoping it doesn't want ironing. She couldn't wait to wear it to the Harlem Globetrotters game yesterday so it's in the washer now - we'll find out!

The pants are five-pocket Knit Pants in a rich color called blue ribbon. They are styled like jeans, but buttery soft material like stretch pants. She says they're a little big, but I'm guessing most of her other leggings are a bit small. These had a full retail price tag of $14.50.

I'm stating these as regular prices because if you buy the whole box, you get a 30% discount on it all! Shipping to return anything you don't like is free, and a bag is included for this purpose.

Maggie was very excited to try on this Floral Embellished Scuba Dress ($32.50), but it ended up being the first thing to go in the 'send it back' pile. The material is weird, for lack of a better word. The bottom doesn't even need to be hemmed, as the 'scuba' material is like a foam. It makes it feel heavy for a summer dress. When I showed it to hubby, he didn't think it was that odd, but it wasn't something Maggie wanted to wear, and I agree with her.

Interestingly enough, the skirt in this picture is also called a Flower Scuba Skirt ($15.50), which leads me to believe the fabric is similar to the odd pink dress. I didn't really notice, and Maggie has the skirt on at school today, so I can't check again. She loves the skirt, although I've already said about five billion times - "It's a skirt, not a skort. Sit like a lady!!" It's still early enough in the spring here in Michigan that she's wearing leggings with it today. Not sure if that will give her a chance to create good habits, or a good excuse not to worry about them. LOL

The shirt was in her 'send back' pile just because it didn't make much of an impression. It's the Love Tee in white ($12.50).

Also in this pic are the Glitter Braided Headwrap ($1.50) that she said she didn't need (mostly because she usually doesn't wear anything in her hair), and the Pandora Metallic Gladiator sandals ($27.50), which she LOVES the look of. One day of wear convinced her that they make her feet sweat, so I'm not sure how much she'll actually choose them. They came in an very cute mini-backpack style cloth bag.

Last but not least was the Lace Trim Swing Top, which I'm assuming was free for the wait. There is no price for it on the item description sheet. Luckily she also loved it. It will go great with her many leggings, and I love the swing style for covering her butt in leggings and similar styles like the pants from earlier (shown again in this picture).

Overall, we had a GREAT experience with KidPik. As I mentioned, there's a discount for purchasing the whole box! For Maggie to get the things she really liked (skirt, pants, sandals, gingham shirt, and swing top) would have been $73 at regular retail. When I asked her, she said she'd wear the t-shirt and headband that she didn't love if they were here. So we are getting the whole box for $83.65 and selling or donating the pink dress. Of course she's ready for another box ASAP, but we did shopping the old-fashioned way when we got ready for a Florida trip in February, so we'll probably wait til closer to fall.

Have you had a great (or horrible) experience with a subscription box? Let us know about it!


siteseer said...

Love the post!! Maggie is absolutely adorable in all of the outfits. Selections for her looked really spot on. Skirt and dresses aren't what she "normally" wears and I think sticking with skorts is a good idea lol Why didn't they have this service when you were a kid?

Unknown said...

Your daughter is beautiful and did a great job of modeling all the different looks. I'm with you on the dress but the rest of it is all really cute. At that age, kids are excited to get anything in the mail, let alone a package full of cute clothes. The only experience we've had with a monthly subscription box is Ipsy and my young adult daughter loves it.

Jenn said...

Oh fun is this! What a great a idea for young girls. Our granddaughter would love to receive a box, she loves fashion. Your daughter sure makes an adorable model.

Unknown said...

How fun is this box??? I bet my girls will love this. Such a fun way to try new clothes.

Erin said...

What a cool program for kids! The tie front shirt is cute. I can see why Maggie wanted to wear it right away.

GeekDad248 said...

These box services seem to be really popular. I wonder if they are helping out the Post Office's budget problems as I'm seeing a lot of different varieties popping up lately. Glad to see you daughter enjoys the service. She did a nice job modeling her fashions for your blog post.

Hannah Middleton said...

What a neat program! I've seen the adult version of this, but I had no idea they had something similar for kids. I can totally see a ton of little fashionistas falling head over heals with this.

Mom Among Chaos said...

I just brought my nine years old over to look at your daughter's box. We don't receive our first box until mid-May. I can't wait. My latest Stitch should be here today. Oh, funny story. We just moved into our new house. I was sitting the recycling bin out yesterday and noticed my new neighbor had recycled at Stitch box. I told my husband that that was cause for me to go over and introduce myself. ;)

The Non-Housewives said...

These outfits are adorable! I get a subscription box for kids toys/books/treats called Bluum. I love the surprises each month!