03 May 2016

Cake (2014) - Movie Review

I don't remember exactly which list I first saw this movie on, but I knew I wanted to find it, and watch it. It was on Netflix, so luckily I didn't have much trouble.

Cake, with Jennifer Aniston and Anna Kendrick, was definitely a thinking sort of movie. It was about a woman who we figure out was in an accident, leaving her scarred and in pretty much constant pain. As the movie goes on we're left wondering perhaps how much of her pain is physical vs emotional. But the drugs numb it all for her.

Jennifer Aniston is incredibly real in the role of Claire. There's not much time for looking like a fashion plate or dressing up for fancy nights out - she's just barely holding it together with the most help (or enabling?) from her housekeeper, Silvana. Claire finds another focus besides her pain when Nina (Anna Kendrick), another member of her chronic pain support group, commits suicide. As Claire delves into the life the other woman left behind, she is haunted by Nina's ghost, taunting her for spending more time and energy on Nina's life than she does on her own.

There's definitely some dark humor, and I was left thinking about parts of the movie for days afterward. I absolutely love Anna Kendrick, and her role as a snarky ghost was really perfect. As long as suicide or chronic pain aren't emotional triggers for you, I'd recommend this movie.


Liz Parker said...

I saw this movie at the Maple Theater when it came out - it was really good. Definitely a different type of role for Aniston.

Jenn said...

I watched this movie as soon as it hit Netflix. I thought it was really good. Like you, I thought about it for days.

Rachel said...

I've never heard of this movie. May have to check it out on prime.

Mom Among Chaos said...

This sounds good. I might watch it on Netflix this weekend.

Ron Leyba said...

Two of my favorite stars in one film: Jennifer Aniston and Anna Kendrick.

Will definitely watch this soon!