05 June 2015

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Tonight I'm hosting a party for KEEP Collective. You should check it out. And if you want need to buy anything, here's my party link: keep-collective.com/soc/4ir90
  2. I was really annoying my daughter this morning, and she still said she wanted to stay home with me! While she doesn't dislike school, she really loves her family best, she says.
  3. I bought vegetables to stir-fry for lunch the other day, and they were DELICIOUS. I still have the other half of what I bought, but I'm not quite ready for them yet. Cross your fingers they'll be fresh enough for another yummy treat on Monday :)
  4. I'm going to put up a special for my Perfectly Posh customers next week in honor of my own birthday. Want to play along? Please join my Facebook group here.
  5. And hubby's birthday is the day before mine. It's his big 4-0, so we're having a party next Friday night with some friends to celebrate :)
  6. Sorry - I stepped away for a few minutes. Jack got the Mini-Wheats out....upside down. So it's 9AM and the vacuum has been tested. It's still working.
  7. Hoping the rain holds off this weekend. We have a birthday party to attend tomorrow, and a Brownie party at a park on Sunday. 
  8. We need room-darkening shades in our bedroom. Everyone started waking up a little after 6AM today instead of 7AM. I'm already tired and the day has hardly begun!
  9. So glad I ran around most of the day yesterday, so I only have one delivery to make today. Then I can come home and get the house ready for company tonight. And maybe even bake some cookies (break and bake, but it still counts, right?).
  10. June is when summer really gets rolling - hope you have a great weekend too!!


Liz Parker said...

Stir-fry is my new fave to make. I use soy sauce and add honey at the end :) and lots of veggies. Meijer has a "stir-fry sauce" that I tried but I baked chicken with it, it was just okay ... I bet it would be better with actual stir-fry.

Jenn said...

Busy list. I love summer, and look forward to cooking with more fresh vegetables. Lately I've been having bad luck with them going bad way too fast. Good to know your vacuum is working... even if it is only 6am. Blah... yeah, I do not miss my girls being young when I think back on those mornings.

Mom Among Chaos said...

I love when I have an accomplished day. Cereal dump in the morning, sounds like my life.

Rachel said...

I like how you shared your list. I will have to do this sometime. Sounds like an accomplished day.

Ron Leyba said...

Totally random! haha. Yay to June and the summer weather! :)