10 June 2015

They Say it's MY Birthday - Post 2

Huh. Shopping should be fun, right? I've only got a few more days until my birthday, but nothing is really jumping out that I need...

Cookie jar?


Quality make-up brushes?

All good ideas, but when I look online for specifics, I'm not seeing exactly the one I want.

I need clothes too, but I'm pretty sure I'd be at the same point. It's just not a decisive day in my world.

I want more time.
I want motivation.
I want more true friends.
I want my favorite people to live closer to me.
I want to be surrounded by positive people.
I want ready-to-eat, delicious, healthy food.
I want six-pack abs.
I want eternal good health for my family and friends.
I want hair that looks great in a ponytail with no effort.
I want hair-free legs, without shaving.
I want a self-cleaning office.
I want my children to be happy.
I want a money tree in the backyard.
I want the mommy wars to end.
I want new flooring in my house.
I want a new doorwall.
I want Jack to want to potty in the potty.
I want more ice cream.
I want my back pain to be gone.
I want to wear high heels again.
I want the laundry to do itself.

What else should I want for my birthday??


Liz Parker said...

I think we'd all like a money tree, lol. What issues are you having with ponytails?

Becki said...

My hair just isn't long enough yet, Elizabeth ;) So I can only do the super-mini spike that starts falling apart immediately...

Jenn said...

I'll take these two!

"I want to be surrounded by positive people.
I want ready-to-eat, delicious, healthy food."

Rachel said...

This is a great list!! Having difficulty thinking of others. Maybe I want a maid! LOL

Mom Among Chaos said...

Good job. I wrote a list like this. I want 6 pack abs for my birthday in September. I'm so excited that I'm getting closer to it. Love this!!!

Ron Leyba said...

Maybe, all of us have different wants and likes in life. Great thing you listed yours here!

Unknown said...

Good luck with your wants! I'm no longer looking for 6 pack abs... but go for it!

Nancy B said...

I want to sit and have Long Island Ice Teas with you - or maybe a glass of wine or a beer or - well you get the point.