10 April 2015


I am not one of those people with a strong sense of style. I go in other people's houses and see their stuff so nicely put together, and feel like I'm looking at a magazine.

Then I get home. My style is comfy. I spend my money on the kids and their clothes, accessories and activities. Someday, when they're older, I dream of paging through something like Baker Furniture and buying stuff to look nice. Not to impress anyone else, really, just to feel like a grown-up.

What is your style? Have you always known how you wanted stuff to look?

I've gone through a couple times and re-done a bathroom like I wanted to, but it seems like such a small room, without much to really decide on, you know? A shower curtain, wall color/decorations, rugs, towels... The rest of them I just sort of daydream about, or see pictures or someone else's house and think I should have them come do mine...



Tracy said...

I am exactly the same. I have no rhyme or reason for my decor. I do wish to one day have someone come in and do the decorating for me, it's just not a strength of mine!

siteseer said...

You are so my daughter lol I see something and like it but think of a thousand other things to spend the money on. It's just not that important to me I guess. Give me comfort and ease of care and I'm happy ,,, til I see someone's beautiful home. But let's face it I don't want to clean it lol.