10 April 2015

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Thank goodness it's warming up. A little. The wind is vicious, but it seems to be blowing for good...
  2. Luckily I've been pleasant lately or I might be worried about a house landing on me. Just saying...
  3. My mommy and daddy are finally home. I don't want to crowd them the day they get home, but I hope we can meet up this weekend :)
  4. And Maggie is finally healthy! The kids and I have already had a fun day today, with a trip to the giant Sea Life Aquarium, a purchase of a BluRay player (since we had nothing to actually play discs on), and picking up a few groceries. Oh, and Sbarro lunch at the mall, during which some random kid threw up right next to us. WTH? Am I a magnet for it this week??
  5. I've got a peach-glazed roast ready to go in the oven for dinner tonight, but Logan's sounds like a much better idea now that the girl is healthy and wants to cram a week of enjoyment into her last three days of spring break.
  6. I started writing my addresses into my new Erin Condren address book, and I already wrote in an outdated one. Grr.... White out is my friend.
  7. Starting the month out slowly with my Perfectly Posh stuff, but I've got a quartermania fundraiser going and a Facebook party next week. Want your own free Posh stuff? Let me know!
  8. Less than a month til my big #cwp weekend! I'm meeting up with three of my besties, and staying at a BnB for the weekend with one of them. Can.Not. WAIT!!
  9. I feel like I'm running behind on a billion things, having lost so much time between me being sick and each of the kids being sick. Next week I really need to make a list and stick to it to get everything back on track. Wish me luck!
  10. Everything feels much more manageable now that I don't see any snow. :)

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siteseer said...

I'm ready. What's your schedule look like. I'll be functioning tomorrow. Gotta get some sleep after our early start.