16 April 2015

Thankful Thursday

I'm having a hard time with this today. There is so much bad news lately, or maybe I've gone back to just reading too much news again.

I'm thankful for the regular, incredible stuff: my family, the security of my home, my independence of having a reliable truck... but life still feels unfair. Unfair in my favor, but still making me sad. It can all be taken away so quickly and unpredictably.

But today is my day to be thankful and positive, right??

I'm so, so thankful that my girls' weekend is coming up. Fifteen days, to be exact. I obviously need a reboot. I can't wait to laugh, relax, and enjoy spending time with some of the most fabulous women in the world, who I don't see nearly often enough.

And on that note, I'm so very grateful that I do have my long-distance friends. I love knowing I can message my BFF at nearly any hour, and she's there for me. We commiserate, vent, brainstorm how to make it better, then pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and head back away from the chat more ready to face the world again.

I'm thankful that my boy finally peed in the potty. Once, but that's more than none! I'm also thankful that hubby and I are on the same page with this thing known as 'potty-training.' It will happen, but the boy has to want it first. We can't want it enough for him, and I hate mopping up pee. So we'll wait til he's ready.

I also appreciate the warm weather so much. I really hate the cold and feel like I'm finally just coming out of hibernation this week. C'mon sunshine!!

What are you most thankful for today?

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siteseer said...

Il thankful to be home after a wonderful winter spent in warmth and sunshine.