09 April 2015

Race Season

Okay, technically race season could be year-round. But hubby and his team don't drive for the warmer races in winter. So around here, race season is starting. They're participating in a race on the west side of Michigan in a couple weeks.

So there's a lot of time being spent in the garage. He talked about piping some 'Deliverance' style music in to make them drive faster, but I don't think it's even on the to-do list til after the rest of the car is, well, running. And then he seems to be working on the Porsche with no engine. Correction. The Porsche that as of last weekend has a junkyard engine that hasn't been installed. Details, details...

If he wanted to go with the music, of course he'd have to do it right. No plug in boom-box for them, look out musiciansfriend.com, there could be some weird requests coming your way.

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