08 April 2015

The Spring Break that Almost Wasn't

Well, we're on spring break. Yay?

Let me rewind a bit. Last Monday & Tuesday, I was sick. But I'm the mom, so I pushed myself back to life by Wednesday because we had places to go and people to see.
Wednesday it struck down Jack. So he didn't want me away from him, and I spent Thursday on the couch.
Friday we changed our 'family' vacation to a day just for Maggie and I to meet up with friends at the science center. Unfortunately our friends had an issue just a few hours into our day, but Maggie and I still enjoyed seeing the whole science center and going out for dinner - just us girls.

Saturday we were all alive and kicking. We headed out for pictures with the Easter Bunny as soon as he arrived at the mall that day, then did some piddly shopping (clothes for mom and dad), and lunch before we headed home to boil and decorate eggs. The kids even had a couple friends over to play with in the yard since it was so nice outside.

Sunday morning Maggie was SO EXCITED to get up and see if the bunny had visited us, and then we were all planning on a late brunch at Grandma's house. But it wasn't to be.

Maggie caught our plague on Sunday. And she's been sick ever since. Sometimes only sick once a day, but never well long enough for us to get out and do something. And since you're supposed to be fever-free for a day before exposing everyone else to your germs, it's looking like we will be spending most of break at home. She's fever free since yesterday, but just got sick again. Poor dear.

She's now accusing me of not knowing the secret to health. "You said if I ate something I would be getting better!" And I've had to tell her that yes, she is getting better, but eating again after being down for so long can still be a shock to your system.

So tomorrow we will try to make our escape again. The kids really want to visit the aquarium at the mall, but that's a lot of walking for a little girl who has barely left the couch in three or four days. I think we'll start with a visit to the aquarium store to re-stock our fish tank, and enjoy watching that for another day before we make a run at the mall.

Wish us luck!

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siteseer said...

Poor kids. Poor YOU!!! Hope everyone is well soon. Spray everything and wipe everything down. Love you.